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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Early Clinical Outcomes of a Novel Antibiotic-Coated, Non-Crosslinked Porcine Acellular Dermal Graft after Complex Abdominal Wall Reconstruction
  2. Evaluating the role of postoperative prophylactic antibiotics in primary and secondary breast augmentation: A retrospective review
  3. Reconstruction of complex posterior cervical spine wounds using the paraspinous muscle flap
  4. Ventral hernia repairs: 10-Year single-institution review at thomas jefferson university hospital
  5. Paraspinous muscle flap reconstruction of complex midline back wounds: Risk factors and postreconstruction complications
  6. Synthetic and biological mesh in component separation: A 10-year single institution review
  7. Timing of sentinel lymph node biopsy and reconstruction for patients undergoing mastectomy
  8. Reconstructive surgery of the breast
  9. Comparison of PCA to epidural analgesia for breast reconstruction with tram flap
  10. Aesthetic management of the breast following explantation: Evaluation and mastopexy options
  11. Septal extension grafts: A method of controlling tip projection shape
  12. An anatomic study of the internal mammary veins: Clinical implications for free-tissue-transfer breast reconstruction
  13. Soft tissue reconstruction of the upper extremity
  14. CT done 4-6 hr after CT arterial portography: Value in detecting hepatic tumors and differentiating from other hepatic perfusion defects