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3rd Year Clerkship Rotation (JeffMD Phase 2)

Medical Students

SKMC students may select urology as a surgical sub-specialty rotation during phase two of the JeffMD curriculum.  Students who participate in the urology rotation will spend three weeks exploring various aspects of general urology and urologic sub-specialties.  The urology service at Jefferson is divided into three services: A service (oncology), B service (endourology and minimally invasive oncology), C service (neurourology, female pelvic reconstruction and male reconstruction).  Each student will have the opportunity to gain exposure to each service line.  In addition, students will have the opportunity to work closely with a variety of attendings in the outpatient clinical setting.  There is also an opportunity to spend time on the urology service at our community hospital, Methodist, and on the pediatric urology service at the Nemours duPont Children’s Hospital.  Attending urologists will provide lectures throughout the rotation on the fundamentals of urology and urologic emergencies.  

For any questions, please e-mail Dolores Byrne.

4th Year Clerkship Rotation (JeffMD Phase 3)

Fourth year students will experience a higher level of integration into the urology service and will function as an intern in training.  The four week rotation will afford each student in depth exposure to each urology service and the opportunity to work closely with the residents as an active member of the clinical care team.  In addition, students will have the chance to interact with our diverse faculty and to actively explore urology as a specialty choice. 

To make arrangements for a fourth-year clerkship, please note the following instructions:

Jefferson students: This is currently a lottery-based system as we often have more applicants for a single block than we can accommodate. This is done in the interest of fairness to all applicants. Please select your first and second block choices when completing your fourth-year schedule through the registrar.

Non-Jefferson students: Please contact Dolores Byrne to request a non-Jefferson elective form and she will send you the appropriate paperwork. Please note that we are unable to assign spots until early May, after the Jefferson fourth year schedules are released. June, September and October offer the greatest degree of flexibilty for scheduling outside students.

For any questions outside of the registrar scope, please contact Dolores Byrne.