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The urology group at Jefferson is divided into three services. Generally you will spend one week each on the A service (oncology), B service (endourology) and C service (neurourology and female urology). 

Week One - Focus on Oncology (A) Service - You will attend a combination of office hours/ the Bodine clinic and the operating room on this service.
Dr. Gomella - Chairman of Urology, Urologic Oncology
Dr. Trabulsi- Laparoscopic/Robotic surgery
Dr. Lallas- Laparoscopic/Robotic surgery
Dr. Mann – Laparoscopic/Robotic Surgery
Dr. Mark – Laparoscopic/Robotic Surgery

Week Two - Focus on B Service - you will see cases involving endoscopic or laparoscopic techniques.
Dr. Hubosky-  Endourologic treatment of stone and upper tract neoplasms

Week Three - Focus on C Service - specializes in cases involving female urology, neurourology, erectile dysfunction, and infertility. 
Dr. Das – Female Urology/Neurourology
Dr. Shenot - Neurourology
Dr. Hirsch - Erectile dysfunction and infertility
Dr. Murphy – Female Urology
Dr. Chung – Genitourinary Trauma/Reconstructive Urology

Idept Rotation

The urology rotation and service are broken down as shown above, into three one-week services. You will also spend a day at A.I. duPont Hospital for Children where you will be exposed to pediatric urologic surgery and the outpatient clinic, so as not to miss this important sector of urology.

You will be given a hand out at your orientation with a detailed schedule including conferences. The lectures to be given during the three weeks are outlined below:

Urologic Emergencies
1. 3 year old male presents with acute scrotal pain with onset 1 hour ago.
2. 32 year old female presents to the ED with flank pain, foul-smelling urine, and a fever of 103f.
3. 28 year old male presents with a painful erection that has lasted 6 hours.
4. 19 year old male presents as a trauma. He has been in an automobile accident and has blood at his urethral meatus.
Common urologic infections and their treatment
1. 73 year old male with acute prostatitis
2. 35 year old female with a simple lower urinary tract infection
3. 35 year old female with a febrile upper urinary tract infection
1. 56 year old male with a PSA of 6.2 ng/dl
2. 27 year old male with a right scrotal mass
3. 62 year old female with gross, painless hematuria
Voiding Dysfunction
1. 62 year old female with urine leakage when she laughs, coughs, or sneezes
2. 62 year old female with urinary urgency and frequency
3. 62 year old male with decreased stream and straining to void
4. 42 year old paraplegic male with urinary incontinence

For any questions, please e-mail Dolores Byrne.

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4th-year Clerkships

The urology rotation and service are broken down as shown above, into three one-week services, as well as a few days spent observing pediatric urology at A.I. duPont Hospital for Children. Most students will have had prior exposure to urology as a third-year student, which typically involves much observation and basic office clinical skills such as learning how to perform a history and physical as well as making case presentations.

The fourth-year rotation will provide a higher level of integration into the urology service and you will be functioning on the level of a senior medical student or intern. Most of your time will be spent in the operating suites, and you will shadow the residents closely. You will work also spend time with the chairman and other faculty members during the four weeks.

To make arrangements for a fourth-year clerkship, please note the following instructions:

Jefferson students: This is currently a lottery-based system as we often have more applicants for a single block than we can accommodate. This is done in the interest of fairness to all applicants. Please select your first and second block choices when completing your fourth-year schedule through the registrar.

Non-Jefferson students: Please contact Dolores Byrne to request a non-Jefferson elective form and she will send you the appropriate paperwork. Please note that we are unable to assign spots until early May, after the Jefferson fourth year schedules come out. Most commonly, Jefferson students fill all spots for July and August, however, June, September and October are quite flexible for outside students. This should help you in your schedule planning.

For any questions outside of the registrar scope, please contact Dolores Byrne.

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