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Thenappan Chandrasekar, MD

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Localized Prostate Cancer: Exploring the Boundaries of Current Treatment Paradigms
  2. Impact of Tumor Regional Involvement on Active Surveillance Outcomes: Validation of the Cumulative Cancer Location Metric in a US Population
  3. Questioning the Status Quo: Should Gleason Grade Group 1 Prostate Cancer be Considered a “Negative Core” in Pre-Radical Prostatectomy Risk Nomograms? An International Multicenter Analysis
  4. Parapelvic Dystrophic Calcification as a Result of Mitomycin C Extravasation
  5. Hospital-specific antibiograms and antibiotic prophylaxis for prostate biopsies: a reexamination of AUA recommendations
  6. Twitter and academic Urology in the United States and Canada: a comprehensive assessment of the Twitterverse in 2019
  7. Gender-based psychological and physical distress differences in patients diagnosed with non-metastatic renal cell carcinoma
  8. Setting the Standards: Examining Research Productivity Among Academic Urologists in the USA and Canada in 2019
  9. Clinical-genomic Characterization Unveils More Aggressive Disease Features in Elderly Prostate Cancer Patients with Low-grade Disease
  10. Lynch Syndrome in Urologic Malignancies – What Does the Urologist Need to Know?
  11. Age Differences in Patient-reported Psychological and Physical Distress Symptoms in Bladder Cancer Patients – A Cross Sectional Study
  12. Prostatic Stromal Tumors of Uncertain Malignant Potential
  13. Cancer diagnosis and risk of suicide after accounting for prediagnosis psychiatric care: A matched-cohort study of patients with incident solid-organ malignancies
  14. The impact of psychiatric utilisation prior to cancer diagnosis on survival of solid organ malignancies
  15. The who, when, and why of primary adrenal malignancies: Insights into the epidemiology of a rare clinical entity
  16. TRATAMIENTO. Vigilancia activa en cáncer de próstata de riesgo intermedio | Active surveillance in intermediate risk prostate cancer
  17. Germ Cell Testicular Tumors—Contemporary Diagnosis, Staging and Management of Localized and Advanced disease
  18. Extraprostatic Extension in Core Biopsies Epitomizes High-risk but Locally Treatable Prostate Cancer
  19. Radical prostatectomy in patients aged 75 years or older: Review of the literature
  20. Prevalence of Suspected Hereditary Cancer Syndromes and Germline Mutations Among a Diverse Cohort of Probands Reporting a Family History of Prostate Cancer: Toward Informing Cascade Testing for Men