Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Intellectual Programming

The GSA is proud to uphold several annual traditions, designed to foster the academic and intellectual growth of our members. GSA provides the opportunity for Presentations and Conversations in Research (PCRs) and Science and Technology Information Resources (STIRs). These events are available by request and provide a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere during which students can practice presenting their research or science in general to an audience of their peers.

As part of the Welcome Month events, GSA also hosts an annual seminar designed to help both PhD and Master’s students think about how to choose research labs for their rotations and eventual thesis work. In the spring, we host a Women in Science seminar and a Bridging the Gaps seminar, each of which are designed to allow students to hear directly from scientists about their paths to their current positions. The Bridging the Gaps seminar also allows students to hear directly from scientists who are taking research from the bench to the bedside.