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MEDstudio@JEFF Spotlights Hunger in Philadelphia through Graphic Medicine Chalkboard Mural


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PHILADELPHIA (October 3, 2017) — Jefferson’s (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University) MEDstudio@JEFF will kick off a 10-day conversation around hunger in Philadelphia through creation of a graphic medicine chalkboard mural by artist-in-residence Tom Judd. The events are a collaboration with Philabundance, Mural Arts Philadelphia and part of DesignPhiladelphia which runs from October 5-14.  

"An estimated 48.8 million Americans, including 16.2 million children, live in households that lack the means to get enough nutritious food on a regular basis. Hunger and inadequate nutrition robs children of their ability to develop, learn, play and just be,” said Peter Lloyd Jones, PhD, Director of Medstudio@JEFF in the Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University. “MEDstudio's Graphic Medicine + Chalkboard Chronicle’s program is our way of shining light on this severe multi-generational problem. Through this and surrounding research and education programs at Jeff and beyond, our aim is no less than to help END HUNGER."

 MEDstudio@JEFF’s graphic medicine program explores how visual narratives communicate complex ideas, transcending verbal language to help build better communication for all. This graphic medicine experience with artist Tom Judd, Philabundance and Mural Arts Philadelphia investigates the way mural-making can help citizens understand hunger in the Delaware Valley—a problem that affects approximately 750,000 people in the region, yet remains largely invisible and misunderstood.

On October 5 from 7-9, MEDstudio@JEFF will launch the Graphic Medicine + Chalkboard Chronicles residency with a screening of Tom Judd’s documentary The Chalkboard Chronicles and a panel discussion including MEDstudio's directors, the founder of Philabundance, the director of Mural Arts Philadelphia’s Porch Light project, and a graphic librarian. Each day, October 6-14, Tom Judd will add to his depiction of hunger in the Philadelphia region on a large scale chalkboard on Jefferson’s Lubert Plaza. On October 14, Jefferson will host a closing reception, catered by the Philabundance Community Kitchen, to celebrate and learn about the chalk drawing.

MEDstudio@JEFF is currently building graphic medicine curricula for inclusion in health professionals’ education. Graphic medicine investigates the uniquely effective and authentic ways that drawing or sketching graphic narratives can communicate complex ideas, feelings and experiences between people. The program creates dialog between health care professionals, patients and the community to generate bidirectional, shared understanding.