Thomas Jefferson University

JCN Holds Annual Teddy Bear Clinic at Philadelphia Science Fair


Jefferson College of Nursing faculty and students opened the "doors" for the one day Teddy Bear Clinic in conjunction with The Philadelphia Science Festival on April 28, 2019.  Now in its' fifth year, the clinic creates an environment that allows children of all ages an opportunity to learn how their bodies work.  Children are taught health promotion behaviors in an age-appropriate developmental way and explore what it's like to see a healthcare provider and/or visit the hospital. Kids dress-up as healthcare professionals and provide check-ups on a  teddy bear, pretend to have an x-ray, and play operation. They also get to see some of the tools and devices used with common conditions such as asthma and vaccinations. 

 The following participants made the program a great success:

JCN Students: Jill Braun, Rachel Tumolo, Kristen Gaetano, Matthew Unger, Jillian Ojeda, Sarah Roselli, Brittany Malszewski, Vivian Nguyen, Jessica Cuttone, Jacqueline Grech

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Staff: Rathpagna Norin, BSN, RN

JCN Faculty: Dr. David Jack, Dr. Kathryn Shaffer, Cindy Barone, and Dr. Anne Mitchell