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Thomas Jefferson University Professor Honored for Innovation in Biotechnology


The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) is a professional, scientific association of approximately 11,000 members employed in industry, academia, government, and other research institutes worldwide. The association provides an international forum for the exchange of knowledge among scientists to enhance their contributions to public health.

PHILADELPHIA, PA (09/26/2013) – Sunday Shoyele, PhD, of the College of Pharmacy at Thomas Jefferson University received the 2013 American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Innovation in Biotechnology Award. The award is intended to recognize the achievements of individuals who demonstrate innovation in the area of biotechnology.

Shoyele is being distinguished for his study, Targeting Intracellular Oncoproteins with Chemoelectronucleation-produced Self-associated Monoclonal Antibody Nanoparticles.

Monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) have entered the mainstream of cancer therapy as vehicles for targeted delivery of potent chemotherapeutic agents. The challenge has been getting them to the site of action while minimizing access to sensitive tissues such as the brain and kidney. By looking at alternative ways to deliver the proteins, Shoyele seeks to bypass some of these adverse mechanisms.

Shoyele’s primary innovation is in developing a process that converts proteins into nanoparticles of the size, shape and form that can be delivered in alternative formulations.

Specifically, he is studying how chemoelectronucleation technology might be used to reshape MAbs. Shoyele hopes to selectively deliver MAb nanoparticles to cancer cells while reducing their accumulation in normal cells.

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