Thomas Jefferson University


The majority of prerequisites should be completed before an admissions decision can be made. All prerequisites must be completed before you enter the program. You may also earn credits through standardized tests, including CLEP.

GPA: 3.0 is considered competitive, 2.70 minimum to be considered (overall, math and science)

Course Semester Hours Quarter Hours
Anatomy and Physiology I1 w/ lab 4 6
Anatomy and Physiology II1 w/ lab 4 6
General Biology I w/ lab 4 6
General Biology II w/ lab 4 6
General Chemistry I w/ lab 4 6
General Chemistry II w/ lab 4 6
Physics I 2 w/ lab 4 6
Organic Chemistry I w/ lab 4 6
Organic Chemistry II w/ lab 4 6
Calculus 3 5
Microbiology w/ lab 4 6
English Composition 3 5
Social Sciences3 9 15
Humanities4 9 15
Required Course Selection5 6 9
Candidate's Choice6 2 3
Total credits 72 112

1 8 credits of A&P I and II or 4 credits of Human Anatomy
   and 4 credits of Human Physiology. Labs must be included.
2 Algebra or Calculus-based.
3 Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science,
   Economics, Geography, History.
4 Languages, Literature, Philosophy, Religion, Arts.
5 Candidates must take two courses from the following list. Laboratory is not required for science courses in this selection group only. Courses include: Biochemistry, Cellular biology, Genetics, Immunology, Molecular biology, Physics II, Critical Thinking, Economics (any type), Ethics, Public Speaking, or Statistics.
6 Any coursework that has degree-earning credit.

Course Clarification: All science courses must be completed within 5 years of application to Jefferson. Exceptions to the 5 year rule include continuous enrollment that exceeds 5 years and/or continuous work experience since graduation in a laboratory/science setting. Courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or above to be eligible for transfer. A grade of “C-“ or below will not be eligible for transfer.     

In addition to meeting all academic requirements, students must meet all performance requirements for the program. Visit the Performance Requirements/Technical Standards page for details

*Course Acceptance Subject to Academic Counselor Approval
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