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Researcher Profiles
Dr. Sunday A. Shoyele
Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Sunday Shoyele

Targeted delivery of RNAi and protein therapeutics to specific sites using smart nanoparticle delivery systems.

“I am interested in the optimization of the therapeutic application of oligonucleotides (siRNAs and antisense) and other biologics by making sure that these payloads are safely and efficiently delivered to targeted sites in the body while limiting associated toxicities.”

Research Focus

Silencing of critical molecular pathways that are pathogenic using smart hybrid nanotechnology platforms.

  • Targeted siRNA delivery to non-small cell lung cancer using functionalized hybrid nanoparticles
  • Tunable self-associated monoclonal antibody nanoparticles for both pulmonary and parenteral deliveries
  • Formulation of biologics and other drugs for pulmonary and oral administration


Dr. Shoyele’s research seeks to bring novel technologies such as siRNAs and other oligonucleotides to the clinic by bridging the gap between the promise of these technologies and their actual therapeutic application.


siRNAs hold high potential for silencing critical molecular pathways that are pathogenic. They help to restore sensitivity to cancer therapies by inhibiting pathways that help cancer cells evade therapeutic killing.

However, the therapeutic use of this powerful technology has been limited by the lack of an efficient delivery system, which allows for controlled release of the encapsulated siRNA while still protecting it from nucleases.


Dr. Shoyele’s research is being funded by the University City Science Center’s QED innovation grant. He is also supported by funding from the pharmaceutical industry.

Thought Leadership

  • Ad hoc reviewer for Pharmaceutical Research, International Journal of Pharmaceutics, Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy,  Journal of Pharmaceutical SciencesActa Pharmacologica Sinica and the Journal of Controlled Release.
  • Grant reviewer:  Welcome Trust and India Alliance Research Grant
  • External examiner for PhD candidates