Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Public Health

Ten Reasons Why MPH Students Choose Jefferson

  1. We are a pioneering health sciences university with a world class hospital.  We improve lives!  And we’ve been doing it successfully since 1824.
  2. We are the home of the first College of Population Health in the country.  A national leader in population health, we put wellness, prevention and public health at the forefront of quality care for all.
  3. We’re conveniently located in historic downtown Philadelphia, just a few blocks from the Liberty Bell.  The city is rich in culture, opportunities and connections, providing pathways to meaningful MPH Clerkships and Capstone Projects that can help you launch or enhance your public health career.
  4. We have a flexible trimester system that accommodates both full-time and part-time students. You can complete all coursework for the degree in 10 months—perfect for pre-professional training prior to medical school—or you can take one to two courses while continuing to work during the day.
  5. Our class sizes are small, allowing you to build strong relationships with faculty and other students. So important for networking!
  6. Many of our faculty are public health practitioners who stress interactive learning, real-world case studies and experiential learning.
  7. Our student body is diverse.  We have recent and not-so-recent college graduates, mid-life career-switchers and students from many cultures and parts of the world. This makes for interesting, rich and exciting classroom discussions.
  8. Our MPH program is accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH). You know you’re getting a quality program.
  9. We offer partial merit scholarships to qualified students.
  10. You can make a world of difference with a degree in public health from Jefferson.  We’re a national leader that understands health inside and out. Remember, we improve lives!