Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Clara Callahan, MD

Clara Callahan, MD

The Lillian H. Brent Dean of Students & Admissions

Department of Pediatrics

As Dean of Admissions, Dr. Clara Callahan is responsible for overseeing all of the activities that result in the matriculation of a class of 272 well-qualified first year medical students. This includes screening, with the director of admissions and several faculty members, more than 10,000 applications to decide who will be offered one of the approximately 800 interview slots. She is the chair of the Committee on Admissions, which decides who of the interviewed applicants should be admitted, placed on the waitlist or rejected. 

Dr. Callahan collaborates with the staff in the Center for Research in Medical Education and HealthCare, the Committee for Student Promotions and the Curriculum Committee throughout the year. She monitors the success of the medical school applicants after they have been matriculated to determine whether the current admissions criteria seem to be appropriate or need modification. She also works closely with the Office of Diversity and Community Engagement in recruitment of students from groups underrepresented in medicine.