Thomas Jefferson University
Jefferson College of Rehabilitation Sciences
Advanced Practice Certificate in Using Design in Healthcare Delivery


Course Title Credits Semester Weeks
JCRS 740 - Design Approaches in Healthcare
3 Fall 16
JCRS 741 - New Methods for Assistive Technology Creation 3 Spring 8
JCRS 742 - Scaling Up and Finding a Market 3 Spring 8
JCRS 743 - Quality Improvement through Design 3 Summer I 8

After successfully completing the four courses, students will receive a post-professional certificate of completion. The credits may be applied to the Post-Professional OTD program offered at Thomas Jefferson University. In addition, Students may transfer credits from the certificate program to degree programs at other universities.

Primary Themes

The common themes that are woven through all four courses include (1) the role of health professionals within a design team, (2) the integration of design approaches and methods into healthcare practice, (3) the iterative nature of the design process, in which research, prototyping, testing, and redesign are interconnected, and (4) the benefits gained when healthcare professions expand their tool kit to include the application of design concepts and specific design strategies within their practice.

JCRS 740 - Design Approaches in Healthcare

This course provides the foundation for incorporating design into practice through the introduction and application of design research strategies, user research methods, problem definition, idea generation, and physical prototyping. During this course, students will attend the first on-campus workshop involving an intensive boot camp incorporating hands-on instruction, training in materials and prototyping, collaborative work with industrial design students, and project presentations.

JCRS 741-  New Methods for Assistive Technology Creation

To facilitate leading edge utility of technology in healthcare, the second course (Spring Semester, 8-weeks) provides instruction on the application of 3D printing to address a variety of clinical problems. Through software tutorials students will gain comfort with 3D printing technology in preparation for attending the second on-campus workshop involving a 3-day weekend session on campus to work directly with 3D printers.

JCRS 742 - Scaling Up and Finding a Market

The third course will build knowledge around manufacturing principles, materials, and methods as well as provide an overview of business models and approaches to commercialization. The goal of this course is to remove common stumbling blocks that often prevent the full distribution of potentially impactful design ideas.

JCRS 743 - Quality Improvement through Design

The fourth course (Summer Semester, 8-weeks), will serve as a summative course while introducing additional design strategies that are of particular importance when addressing issues on an organizational scale. Students will build on content from past courses and utilize design research tools to assesses needs within their professional organization, generate ideas, and trial potential solutions with colleagues. During the course, students will participate in the third on-campus workshop involving a 2-day session to present their final projects and highlight their work in the program.


2019-2020 On-Campus Workshop Sessions

Fall JCRS 740
10/10/19 to 10/14/19
Spring I JCRS 741 02/27/20 to 03/02/20
Spring I JCRS 742 No on-campus session
Summer I JCRS 743 07/10/20 to 07/12/20