Thomas Jefferson University
Jefferson College of Rehabilitation Sciences
Department of Physical Therapy

Post-Professional and Continuing Education Programs

Post-Professional Education & Clinical Training Programs Overview

The Mission of the Thomas Jefferson University College of Rehabilitation Sciences Clinical and Education Training programs is to develop practitioners of choice who are rehabilitation specialists to meet the needs of society. These programs will develop expert clinicians with advanced clinical skills in critical and innovative thinking as well as patient-centered, evidence-based, and autonomous practice. Graduates will exemplify professionalism, compassion, accountability, altruism, integrity, ethical conduct, and social responsibility and will contribute to the profession and to health care through their leadership, clinical excellence, teaching, consultative activities, and pursuit of scholarship and lifelong learning.

Pillars of the Programs

  • Advanced Clinical Competence
  • Education
  • Practice Management
  • Professionalism
  • Scholarship

The Jefferson College of Rehabilitation Sciences post-professional clinical and education training programs are designed to develop and advance the skills, knowledge and behaviors of rehabilitation clinicians in specialized areas of practice. We currently offer the following programs:

  • Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency
  • Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Residency