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Highlighted Publications

Edmonds, M.D., Boyd, K. L. , Moyo, T., Mitra, R., Duszynski, R., Arrate, M.P., Chen, X., Zhao, Z., Blackwell, T.S., Andl, T., and Eischen, C.M.  miR-31 initiates lung tumorigenesis and promotes mutant KRas-driven lung cancer, J. Clinical Invest., 126(1):349-64, 2016.

Adams, C.M., Hiebert, S.W. and Eischen, C.M. Myc induces miRNA-mediated apoptosis in response to HDAC inhibition in hematological malignancies. Cancer Research 76(3):736-48, 2016.

McGirt, L.Y., Jia, P., Baerenwald, D.A., Duszynski, R.J., Dahlman, K.B.,  Zic, J.A.,  Zwerner, J.P., Hucks, D., Dave, Z.,  Zhao, Z., and Eischen, C.M.  Whole genome sequencing reveals oncogenic mutations in mycosis fungoides. Blood 126(4):508-19, 2015.

Carrillo, A.M., Bouska, A., Arrate, M.P. and Eischen, C.M.. Mdmx promotes genomic instability independent of p53 and Mdm2. Oncogene 34(7):846-56, 2015.

Grieb, B.C., Gramling, M.W., Arrate, M.P., Chen, X., Beauparlant, S.L.,  Haines, D.S., Xiao, H., and  Eischen, C.M. Oncogenic protein MTBP interacts with MYC to promote tumorigenesis. Cancer Research 74(13):3591-602, 2014.