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Research Projects

Research Projects

Memory processes and idea generation

Project 1

This figure illustrates the effect of continued idea generation on semantic distance, the degree of dissimilarity between an idea and the prompt (in this case two different objects)

This program of research focuses on identifying strategies and memory processes that underpin idea generation. Research conducted on this topic is bolstered by several collaborators including researchers at Harvard and the University of Bremen (Germany). The goal is to identify how and when people switch between memory search strategies while generating ideas or solutions to open-ended problems.




Motivation, Self-Belief, and Implicit Theories

project 2

This figure illustrates the variability in the correlation between fixed mindset and self-reported “everyday creativity”

This program of research focuses on identifying the relationships among motivational and belief structures and achievement in academic and creative domains. Research on this topic is conducted in collaboration with faculty members at Drexel University. The goal is to identify potential avenues for intervention in educational settings that would prevent or remediate defeating self-beliefs about domain-specific achievement.