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Horowitz laboratory

My laboratory conducts basic research in vascular biology. Our objective is to understand how blood vessels regulate the permeability of their walls. Specifically, we study how the junctions between adjacent endothelial cells (ECs) on the lumen of vessels are maintained, and how they respond to external stimuli, such as vascular endothelial growth factor, angiopoietin, or thrombin. We pursue these questions by probing intracellular signaling pathways and protein complexes that determine the behavior of the junctions. We use cell culture and genetically modified mouse models in combination with advanced optical imaging techniques.

In addition to membership in the Cardeza Center for Vascular Research, I am an adjunct faculty member in Cancer Biology, and a member of the Genetics, Genomics and Cancer Biology graduate program where I taught a course in Current Literature.


Arie Horowitz, DSC
Associate Professor

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