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The chemokine receptor CXCR3 promotes CD8+t cell accumulation in uninfected salivary glands but is not necessary after murine cytomegalovirus infection

Intratumoral infection by CMV may change the tumor environment by directly interacting with tumor-associated macrophages to promote cancer immunity

Virus-specific CD8+T cells infiltrate melanoma lesions and retain function independently of PD-1 expression

Blocking virus replication during acute murine cytomegalovirus infection paradoxically prolongs antigen presentation and increases the CD8+T cell response by preventing type I IFN-dependent depletion of dendritic cells

CMV-specific CD8 T cell differentiation and localization: Implications for adoptive therapies

Intratumoral Infection with Murine Cytomegalovirus Synergizes with PD-L1 Blockade to Clear Melanoma Lesions and Induce Long-term Immunity

Cytomegalovirus and immunotherapy: Opportunistic pathogen, novel target for cancer and a promising vaccine vector

Murine CMV Infection Induces the Continuous Production of Mucosal Resident T Cells

Memory T cells specific for murine cytomegalovirus re-emerge after multiple challenges and recapitulate immunity in various adoptive transfer scenarios

Front-Line Memory T Cells Think Outside the T-box. . . Mostly

Virus-specific CD8+ T cells infiltrate melanoma lesions and retain function despite high PD-1 expression

Resolving the titer of murine cytomegalovirus by plaque assay using the M2-10B4 cell line and a low viscosity overlay

Systemic Hematogenous Maintenance of Memory Inflation by MCMV Infection

Competition between T cells maintains clonal dominance during memory inflation induced by MCMV

Competition for antigen at the level of the APC is a major determinant of immunodominance during memory inflation in murine cytomegalovirus infection

Editorial: Once more unto the breach, dear friends: CMV reactivates when the walls come down

Buffered memory: A hypothesis for the maintenance of functional, virus-specific CD8+T cells during cytomegalovirus infection

Sustained CD8+ T cell memory inflation after infection with a single-cycle Cytomegalovirus

Aborted germinal center reactions and B cell memory by follicular T cells specific for a B cell receptor V region peptide

Cross-presentation of a spread-defective MCMV is sufficient to prime the majority of virus-specific CD8+ T cells