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Work in my laboratory aims to understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying cell and whole organ dysfunction in response to pulmonary insults. This work emphasizes the functional interconnections between cellular metabolism and injury/repair mechanisms in various lung cell types including epithelium, endothelium and alveolar macrophages. We apply a broad range of experimental approaches to characterize changes in energy metabolism after acute (e.g., LPS, bleomycin, radiation) or chronic (e.g., obesity, alcohol ingestion) lung insults. We also aim to understand the influence that genetics, aging and environmental factors have on the ability of lung cells to metabolically adapt to, and recover from these insults. As a practicing physician, my overarching goals are to better understand the molecular mechanisms underlying the diseases that I see in clinic, including pulmonary fibrosis and the acute respiratory disease syndrome, and to identify new and more effective ways to treat these conditions.



Ross Summer, MD

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