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Tracy Laboratory

My lab focuses on functional and structural brain connectivity as measured by resting state functional connectivity, diffusion imaging, high-resolution anatomical MRI, and task-based functional magnetic resonance imaging. Applications to  understanding and modeling  the effects of seizures on cognitive networks are investigated, as well as  the change and reorganization such networks undergo in response to treatment interventions such as resective surgery, thermal ablation, and brain electrical stimulation. Additional research projects focus on the neuroimaging correlates of seizure development as a model of maladaptive plasticity in the brain. The neuropsychological correlates of brain structural and functional network organization are also studied. Imaging methods and analysis that aid in pre-surgical planning and the prediction of surgical outcomes in epilepsy and other neurologic disorders are tested, validated and implemented. The lab regularly conducts MR scans that provide maps of brain structure and function utilized in pre-surgical planning, and during intraoperative neuronavigation in the surgical suite. Over 150 pre-surgical brain mapping studies are performed per year. The research program provides research opportunities for graduate and medical school students. Collaborations are welcome. Current chief collaborators are Dr. Michael Sperling, M.D., Epileptologist and Dr. Ashwini Sharan, M.D., Neurosurgeon. Additional collaborators include: Christopher Skidmore, M.D., Epileptologist, Dr. Richard Gorniak, M.D., Radiologist, Dr. Xiaosong He,  Ph.D. (Post-doctoral Fellow), Chaitanya Ganne, Ph.D./M.D. (Post-Doctoral Fellow), and Dr. Karol Osipowicz, Ph.D., Neuroscientist (former Post-Doc in the lab).

Research Assistant Positions and Post-Doctoral Fellowships in Clinical Neuroimaging are offered.


Joseph Tracy

Joseph I. Tracy, PhD, ABPP/CN
Professor, Neurology and Radiology Departments
Director, Cognitive Neuroscience and Brain Mapping Laboratory
Director, Clinical Neuropsychology Division, Department of Neurology

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901 Walnut Street
Suite 447
Philadelphia, PA 19107

(215) 955-4661