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Dr. Chengyuan Wu is a practicing neurosurgeon with a background in the fields of Computer and Biomedical engineering.  For this reason, he is uniquely positioned in the field of neuroscience research.  Specifically, he is able to blend his knowledge of signal and image processing techniques with his clinical expertise in Neurological Surgery.  His work began during his graduate education at Tufts University School of Engineering, where he focused his thesis on the subject of signal processing for automated analysis of electroencephalograms (EEGs).  For more than a decade, he has continued to dedicate his research efforts to the fields of epilepsy.  As part of the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center at Thomas Jefferson University, he has had an opportunity to be part of a clinically busy practice, which performs approximately 100 surgeries for epilepsy each year covering the spectrum from traditional resective surgeries and invasive implantations to minimally invasive interventions and neurostimulation.  He routinely integrates advanced neuroimaging and image post-processing to not only deliver the highest level of care to his patients. In addition to patients with epilepsy, Dr. Wu also applies these advanced imaging techniques to patients undergoing deep brain stimulation (DBS) for movement disorders.  He continues to work on advancing the field of neuroimaging in order to not only improve the future of epilepsy and DBS surgery, but also to further our understanding of the brain and the networks embedded within. 



Chengyuan Wu, MD, MSBmE
Assistant Professor

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