Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Remote Access Instructions

  1. Click on this link: VM Horizon Client
  2. Select download for your computer’s operating system (click Go to Downloads)
  3. Click the blue Download option on the right-hand side of the webpage to download the appropriate VMware Horizon Client application
  4. Click YES on pop-up screen; then click agree and install
  5. Click Finish
  6. Click Restart Now to restart computer
  7. Click VMware Horizon Client icon on your desktop
  8. Click + New Server
  9. Enter
  10. Click icon
  11. Enter your campus key and password; ensure correct domain (i.e., TJUH-MST [to access hospital files or TJU-MST [to access university files]) is selected
  12. Click Remote Access Pool CPA icon (may not see this step as a MAC user)
  13. You now have access to Jefferson network
  14. Click on TJUH intranet icon to navigate Jefferson websites

    If you have preapproved VPN access, you can remote into to your work computer if the computer is on and connected to the Jefferson Network.
  15. Click on Remote Desktop icon (image of computer monitor) on the desktop
  16. When prompted for log-in information, enter your PCS number in the computer field; enter your campus key in the username field
  17. Click connect; enter campus key password when prompted
  18. If windows security asks you to enter your credentials, click on your campus key icon; enter campus key password
  19. You will be directed to your desktop log-in; enter your campus key and password


If you have any issues with the above instructions, please call the IS&T Solution Center at 215-955-7975.