Thomas Jefferson University

Preparing a Grant

  1. Notify your ORA Pre-Award Departmental contact that you are considering applying.
  2. If you are applying to the NIH, get an eRA Commons Identification.
  3. Connect to JeffShare (ORA offers JeffShare training)
  4. Create a budget  (ORA offers Budget training)
  5. Complete the...
    1. Jefferson Proposal Budget form
    2. Jefferson Proposal Transmittal form (now online in Peoplesoft) and e-PTF FAQ's (.DOC)
    3. Jefferson Assignment of Inventions Form (now online in Peoplesoft)
    4. Jefferson Conflict of Interest Statement
    5. Certifications and Representations e.g. Human or Animal subjects protocols and approvals, Biosafety approvals, etc. These requirements vary with the scope of the proposed project.
  6. Read the instructions to determine which forms or documents are required by the sponsor.
    Typically these will include:
    • Cover/Title/Endorsement page
    • Summary of Project and/or Table of Contents
    • Detailed project description (for help contact SKMC Faculty Development  or JCHP Faculty Development)
    • Description of current facilities
    • List of key personnel and Curricula Vitae of PI(s) (ORA offers training)
    • List of publications (for help see JEFFLINE)
    • Special requests and justifications
    • Statement of duplicate submission
    • List of current and pending support
    • Letters of collaboration
    • Any special requirements listed in the program announcement or requested by sponsor
  7. Submit to ORA 5 or more BUSINESS days before the deadline as follows:

    1. Put the appropriate documents in JeffShare;
    2. Complete the electronic PTF in PeopleSoft;
    3. Notify your ORA Pre-Award Departmental contact.