Thomas Jefferson University Security Department

SECURITY ALERT December 14, 2011


Ralph Montgomery is a 50 year old homeless male who frequents the Jefferson campus. Montgomery is an African-American male who is about 6’ tall and weighs 130 lbs. Montgomery has black hair and brown eyes. Montgomery suffers from mental illness and can be dangerous.

Montgomery has recently assaulted one female student, one male clinician, and one female hospital employee. Each assault has a similar pattern and TJU Security Officers have apprehended Montgomery twice and turned him over to police. Police determine that Montgomery has mental health issues and they commit him for psychiatric evaluation rather than arrest him. Once released from the psych evaluation, Montgomery returns to the street as a homeless male, with chronic mental health issues. He frequents the Jefferson campus streets, ED, etc.

When Montgomery assaults his victims, he seems to strike at random and without provocation. So far, his assaults have not resulted in very serious injury, but our concern is that his aggressiveness is getting more frequent, dangerous and unpredictable.

Jefferson Security will be reaching out to 6th District Police Captain for any ideas. We will also discuss with mental health professionals and agencies to determine if we can connect with any social service agencies for assistance.

Jefferson campus students and employees should avoid contact with homeless individuals in and around the campus. Call the Jefferson Security 24/hr command center at “811” or (215) 955-8888 and report any homeless individual that is acting aggressively or appears to be in an unauthorized space.

EMERGENCIES from Campus Phones >> call 811

All other phones call (215) 955-8888