Thefts in Center City Buildings on Rise: Call 811 if You See Something Suspicious

The Philadelphia Police Department has identified a significant increase in thefts from buildings between January and mid-February. There have been more than 60 incidents reported with the majority of the reports including thefts of items left unattended in office settings. Laptops have been reported stolen more than any other item, followed by cell phones, wallets, credit cards, identification, electronic equipment, currency, keys, purses and prescription drugs.
Note the Following:

  • In more than 25 cases – items were left unattended.
  • The majority of the thefts were reported between the hours of 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. -- often after someone has returned from lunch or a meeting and noticed an item had been removed without authorization.
  • Office incidents are often occurring on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Jefferson employees need to be vigilant by reporting all incidents involving any suspicious activity — even if they come across someone who uses a ruse (as many thieves do) that he or she is lost or looking for employment. Please contact our Security Department by calling 811 from campus phones or (215) 955-8888 from non-campus phones.


  • Laptops, personal belongings and electronic equipment should be secured both during the day and after business hours.
  • Pocketbooks should be secured in a locked desk or in lockers and wallets should be worn and not left in a coat hanging on a hook or on the back of a chair in the office where it could be vulnerable to theft.

Using passwords will help to make it more difficult for a thief to gain access to any personal and/or sensitive information on a laptop and/or in a smart phone. Keeping a record of the equipment serial numbers will also help police identify the rightful owner when an item is recovered.

As members of the Jefferson family, we must be watchful and considerate, and do our part in fostering an atmosphere of safety and comfort for both our patients and coworkers.

Take a moment now to also review the Crime Reporting and Investigation policy.