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Pavri, Behzad

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Behzad B. Pavri, MD, FACC

Contact Dr. Pavri

925 Chestnut Street
Mezzanine Level
Philadelphia, PA 19107

(215) 955-1167
(215) 503-3976 fax

Medical School

University of Bombay - Seth G.S. Medical College, India - 1984


Harlem Hospital/Columbia University, New York, NY


Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center
Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

Board Certification

Internal Medicine
Cardiovascular Disease
Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology

Hospital Appointment

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

Awards & Achievements

Merck Faculty Distinguished Teaching Award, 1995
Nominated for Robert Dunning Dripps Award for Excellence in Graduate Medical Education, 1996
University of Pennsylvania College of Medicine, Outstanding Teacher Award, 1998
Donna K. McCurdy Housestaff Teaching Award (voted by Department of Medicine House Staff), 1999
Nominated for Leonard Berwick Teaching Award, 2000
Thomas Jefferson University, Cardiovascular Division Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award, 2002
Nominated for ACGME Parker J Palmer Courage to Teach Award Finalist, 2003
Outstanding EP Teacher Award, 2008
Dean's Award for Excellence in Education at Jefferson Medical College, 2010

Expertise & Research Interests

Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology
Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy
Pacing and Defibrillation


Most Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications

  1. Global disparities in cardiac pacemaker therapy: Problem statement, potential solution, and call to action
  2. Clinical and electrophysiological characteristics of patients with paroxysmal intra-His block with narrow QRS complexes
  3. Flecainide Toxicity: A Case Report and Systematic Review of its Electrocardiographic Patterns and Management
  4. Sudden death and its risk factors after atrioventricular junction ablation and pacemaker implantation in patients with atrial fibrillation
  5. Changes in left ventricular synchrony and systolic function in dilated cardiomyopathy patients with fragmented QRS complexes
  6. Accurate monitoring of intravascular fluid volume: A novel application of intrathoracic impedance measures for the guidance of volume reduction therapy
  7. Impact of baseline PR interval on cardiac resynchronization therapy outcomes in patients with narrow QRS complexes: an analysis of the ReThinQ Trial
  8. Carotid sinus syndrome
  9. Abrupt increase in impedance measurements as detected via remote monitoring: What is the cause?
  10. Ventricular Tracking of Atrial Flutter in a Patient with Complete Atrioventricular Block: Is it the Device's Fault?
  11. Pleomorphism during ventricular tachycardia: A distinguishing feature between cardiac sarcoidosis and idiopathic VT
  12. Analysis of different device-based intrathoracic impedance vectors for detection of heart failure events (from the detect fluid early from intrathoracic impedance monitoring study)
  13. Superiority of automatic remote monitoring compared with in-person evaluation for scheduled ICD follow-up in the TRUST trial - Testing execution of the recommendations
  14. Tools for risk stratification of sudden cardiac death: A review of the literature in different patient populations
  15. Dual atrioventricular nodal pathways physiology: A review of relevant anatomy, electrophysiology, and electrocardiographic manifestations
  16. Narrowing with prematurity - What is the mechanism?
  17. An uncommon response to para-his pacing
  18. Electrophysiological features differentiating the atypical atrioventricular node-dependent long RP supraventricular tachycardias
  19. Same-day discovery of implantable cardioverter defibrillator dysfunction in the TRUST remote monitoring trial: Influence of contrasting messaging systems
  20. A long RP-interval tachycardia: What is the mechanism?