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Coben, Robert

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Robert M. Coben, MD

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132 South 10th Street
Main Building, Suite 480
Philadelphia, PA 19107

(215) 955-8900
(215) 923-3447 fax

Medical School

Temple University School of Medicine - 1985


Medical College of Pennsylvania (MCP)


Presbyterian - University of Pennsylvania Medical Center

Board Certification

Internal Medicine

Hospital Appointment

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Methodist Hospital Division of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital


Most Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications

  1. Effective brain connectivity estimation between active brain regions in autism using the dual Kalman-based method
  2. NCREANN: Nonlinear Causal Relationship Estimation by Artificial Neural Network; Applied for Autism Connectivity Study
  3. 19 Channel Z-Score and LORETA Neurofeedback: Does the Evidence Support the Hype?
  4. Four channel multivariate coherence training: Development and evidence in support of a new form of neurofeedback
  5. Imaging brain connectivity in autism spectrum disorder
  6. Neural connectivity in epilepsy as measured by Granger causality
  7. EEG Biofeedback for Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Commentary on Kouijzer et al. (2013)
  8. The impact of coherence neurofeedback on reading delays in learning disabled children: A randomized controlled study
  9. Using quantitative and analytic EEG methods in the understanding of connectivity in autism spectrum disorders: A theory of mixed over- and under-connectivity
  10. Connectivity-guided EEG biofeedback for Autism Spectrum Disorder: Evidence of neurophysiological changes
  11. A review of traditional and novel treatments for seizures in autism spectrum disorder: Findings from a systematic review and expert panel
  12. Neurofeedback for autistic disorders: Emerging empirical evidence
  13. EEG Analyses in the assessment of autistic disorders
  14. Preface
  15. Emerging Empirical Evidence Supporting Connectivity-Guided Neurofeedback for Autistic Disorders
  16. Enduring Effects of Neurofeedback in Children
  17. Neurofeedback and Neuromodulation Techniques and Applications
  18. The relative efficacy of connectivity guided and symptom based EEG biofeedback for autistic disorders
  19. Neurofeedback for autistic spectrum disorder: A review of the literature
  20. Sensitivity and specificity of long wave infrared imaging for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder