Thomas Jefferson University
Sidney Kimmel Medical College
Department of Medicine

Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Fellowship

Program Overview

The Jane & Leonard Korman Respiratory Institute and the Division of Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia house an outstanding fellowship program in Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine.  This program has a long-standing tradition of excellence and a reputation for graduating superior clinicians, outstanding educators, and innovative researchers.  The program is supported by the Sidney Kimmel Medical College which was established in 1824, and is one of the largest private medical colleges in the United States.

Armed with a new partnership with National Jewish Health (Denver), new facilities, a growing faculty and staff, new research space, and expanding training opportunities, we aim not only to prepare qualified individuals as proficient clinicians with critical rigor, but to tailor training to fit candidate needs to ensure success in any career path of their choice.  We understand medicine will not advance without discovery through research and this justifies our renewed interest in providing trainees exposure to a strong clinical trials enterprise and translational research experiences to enhance scholarship and chances for success in academia.  Accordingly, fellows will be trained to critically review scientific literature as well as design and execute clinical and/or translational research.  

By the end of the training period, fellows will be skilled in:

  • Team-based and patient-centered care
  • Managing difficult pulmonary diseases and general critical care problems
  • Performing complex bronchoscopy and related procedures
  • Critical care procedures and ultrasound
  • Conducting clinical trials or basic science research

This is a three-year program (with optional additional years for research) leading to eligibility for board certification in pulmonary medicine and critical care medicine. The majority of the training experience is at Sidney Kimmel Medical College and its University Hospital, which is located in Center City Philadelphia.

This highly flexible program enables individuals to achieve his or her personal training goals while fulfilling requirements for board certification in pulmonary medicine and critical care medicine. The division claims 100% pass rate for graduating fellows in both ABIM pulmonary and critical care medicine. The first 12 months are devoted primarily to clinical training, with time divided between pulmonary medicine, medical and surgical critical care, chest radiology, anesthesia and the pulmonary function lab.

The remaining requirements for board certification in pulmonary medicine and critical care are arranged to suit individual training goals throughout the second and third years. A number of elective clinical rotations focusing on specialized areas of interest in pulmonary medicine and critical care are also offered. Our division offers multi-disciplinary research training opportunities in several areas of lung biology ranging from the study of lung development and aging to acute and chronic lung injury, while emphasizing disease modeling, genetic engineering, metabolic interventions.  Specific features of the clinical training program and the research training program are available. It is emphasized that the training experience is designed to help the trainee develop a scholarly approach to clinical problems and to laboratory or clinical investigation. Acceptance into the fellowship training program is very competitive with over 500 applicants for five slots per year. 

Current Fellows

Third Year Fellows

Kathleen Biblowitz, MD
Richard Loynd, DO
Matthew Flamenbaum, DO
Aaron Kaye, MD
Brandon Menachem, MD

Second Year Fellows

Ryan Commins, MD 
Jonathan Glatt, MD 
Pradhab Kirupaharan, DO
James Uricheck, MD
Colin Anthony Peters, DO

First Year Fellows

Vincent Chan, MD 
Elie Fares, MD
Zakaria Hindi, MD (Critical Care Medicine)
MaryKathryn Hurst, DO
Mark Mallozzi, MD
Lindsey Morris, MD

Fellowship Alumni

Name   Current Position
Rakhshanda Akram, MD 2020-2021 Abingon Jefferson, Philadelphia, PA
Brian Chwiecko, MD 2020-2021 Reading Hospital, Reading, PA
Alan Gandler, MD 2020-2021 Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia PA
Daniel Kramer, MD 2020-2021 Thomas Jefferson Univ Hospital, Philadelphia, PA
Pooja Pandit, MD 2020-2021 Private Practice, Washington DC
Mrinalini Venkata Subramani, MD 2020-2021 Cleveland Clinic, Transplant Fellowship
Edgar Guzman-Suarez, MD 2019-2020 Palmdale Regional Medical Center, Pulmdale, CA
Robert Hilton, MD 2017-2020 Penn Medicine Princeton Medical Center
Phue Khaing, MD 2017-2020 George Washington Medical Center
Christopher McGrath, MD 2017-2020 Thomas Jefferson Univ Hospital
Carl Nieweld, MD 2017-2020 Geisinger Health System
Hassan Shahid, MD 2017-2020 Day Kimball Hospital
Justin Herman, MD 2016-2019
Reading Hospital
Ena Gupta, MD 2016-2019 Albert Einstein Medical Center
John Madara, MD 2016-2019 Abington Medical Center
Michael Lake, MD 2016-2019 Abington Medical Center
Dina Khateeb, MD   2016-2019 Mt. Sinai Medical Center – Palliative Care Fellowship
Gautam George, MD  2015-2018  Full-time Faculty, Thomas Jefferson Univ Hosp, Philadelphia, PA 
Christoph Hutchinson, MD  2015-2018  Internventional Pulmonary Fellowship, UPENN Philadelphia, PA 
Mitchell Jacobs, MD  2015-2018  Private Practice, Ben Salem, PA 
Yanhong Zhang, MD, PhD  2015-2018  Pulmonologist, Crozer Chester, PA 
Matthew Woodford, MD 2014-2017 Private Practice, Baltimore, MD
Miranda Tan, DO 2014-2017 Sleep Fellowship, U of PA
Rachana Krishna, MD 2014-2017 ILD Fellowship, Mayo Clinic
Jerry Hsieh 2014-2017 Private Practice, Newport Beach, CA
Ankit Gupta 2013-2016 Private Practice, Norwich CT
Anindita Chowdhury 2013-2016 Sleep Fellowship, Texas
Anasua Chakraborty 2013-2016 Sleep Fellowship, TJUH
Melody Brewer 2013-2016 Hospitalist, TJUH
David Manoff 2012-2015 Christiana Hospital
Geoffrey Koff 2012-2015 Private Practice Delaware County
Daron Kahn 2012-2015 Reading Medical Center
Brian Jaffe 2012-2015 Private Practice Virtua Hospital
Naveed Hasan 2011-2014 Sleep Fellowship in University of Pittsburg
Kumar Gaurav 2011-2014 Private Practice at the Geisinger Medical Center
Roselle Almeida 2011-2014 Private Practice in Chicago
Vanjul Agarwal 2011-2014 Private Practice in Washington State
Ricardo Restrepo 2010-2013 Pulmonary Hypertension Fellowship at University of Pennsylvania
Nikhil Madan 2010-2013 Private Practice in California
Anand Kommuri 2010-2013 Private Practice in Iowa
Omar Ibrahim 2010-2013 Interventional Fellowship in Boston, MA  
Kumar Vipul, MD 2009-12 Sleep Fellowship - Temple University - Philadelphia, PA  
Misha Peter, MD 2009-12 Sleep Fellowship - Emory University - Atlanta, GA
Sidharth Bagga, MD 2009-12 Private Practice, San Diego, CA
Andrea Adams, MD 2009-12 Priviate Practice, Galloway, NJ
Urvashi Vaid, MD 2008-11 Full-time Faculty, Instructor
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA
Jacqueline Sutter, DO 2008-11 Private Practice, Philadelphia, PA
VInia Mendoza, MD 2008-11 Private Practice, Maine
Chistopher Gilbert, DO 2008-11 Interventional Bronchoscopy Fellowships, Johns Hopkins Baltimore, MD
Tajender Vasu, MD 2007-10 Private Practice, SUNY
Stoney Brook, NY
Monvasi Pachinburavan, MD 2007-10 Transplant Fellow, Stanford, CA
Amyn Hirani, MD 2007-10 Private Practice, Atlanta, GA
Rodrigo Cavallazzi, MD 2007-10 Full-time Faculty, Assistant Professor
University of Kentucky, Louisville, KY
Catherine Riley, MD 2006-09 Private Practice, West Chester, PA
Abhilash Nair, MD 2006-09 Private Practice, Tuscan, AZ
Enrique Machare, MD 2006-09 Private Practice, Plymouth, WI
Salam Salman,MD 2007-08 Private Practice, Rochester, MN
Neil Mushlin, DO 2005-08 Private Practice, Phoenixville, PA
Timothy Lin, MD 2005-08 Private Practice, Atlanta, GA
Sajive Aleyas, MD 2005-08 Private Practice, SUNY
Stoney Brook, NY
Bobbak Vahid, MD 2004-07 Private Practice, Dublin, CA
Daniel Salerno, MD 2004-07 Private Practice, Christiana, DE
Tuhina Raman, MD 2004-07 Private Practice, Christiana, DE
Francisco Almeida, MD 2003-06 Full-time Faculty, Assistant Professor
Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH
Asem Abdeljalil, MD 2003-06 Private Practice, Indianapolis, IN
Allyson Mirabella 2002-05 Private Practice, Upper Marlboro, MD
Ashwin Mani, MD 2002-05 Private Practice, Atlanta, GA
Michael Simons, MD 2001-04 Administration, Phoenix, AZ
Elisabeth Dial Carr, MD 2001-04 Full-time Faculty, Assistant Professor
Salt Lake City Medical Center, SLC, Utah
Rohit Ahuja, MD 2001-04 Private Practice, Lynn, MA
Chin Wei-Huang, MD 2000-03 Private Practice, Salem, MA
Sandhya Khurana, MD 2000-03 Private Practice, Syracuse, NY
Ashish Agrawal, MD 2000-03 Private Practice, San Diego, CA
Rodolfo Pascual, MD 1999-02 Full-time Faculty, Assistant Professor
Wake Forest University, Winston Salem, NC
Sultan Niazi, MD 1999-02 Private Practice, Evansville, IN
Vikas Batra, MD 1999-02 Private Practice, Lewes, DE
Bharat Awsare, MD 1999-02 Full-time Faculty, Assistant Professor
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA
Ali Musani, MD 1998-01 Full-time, Assistant Professor
National Jewish Health Center, Denver CO
Kayal Sambandam, MD 1997-00 Hospital Physician, Anaheim, CA
Alan Reinach, MD 1997-00 Private Practice, Philadelphia, PA
Annette Colavita, MD 1997-00 Private Practice, Philadelphia, PA
Carla Nordstrom, MD 1996-99 Private Practice, Philadelphia, PA
Rupert Ng, MD 1996-99 Deceased
Todd Lustine, MD 1996-99 Private Practice, Philadelphia, PA
Jane Wu, MD 1995-98 Private Practice, Baltimore, MD
Ajay Shetty, MD 1995-98 Private Practice, Scranton, PA
Joseph Rowane, DO 1994-97 Private Practice, Erie, PA
Frank Leone, MD 1994-97 Full-time Faculty, Assistant Professor
Presbyterian/PENN, Philadelphia, PA
Jamie Lieberman, MD 1993-96 Private Practice, Jacksonville, FL
Barbara Leighton, MD 1993-96 Private Practice, Philadelphia, PA
Michael Tolino, MD 1992-95 Private Practice, Flemington, NJ
Joseph R. Shaver, MD 1992-95 Private Practice, Augusta, GA
James O'Connor, MD 1992-95 Private Practice, Somers Point, NJ
James G. Zangrilli, MD 1991-94 Part-time Faculty with Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA
Rosemary Cirelli, MD 1991-94 Private Practice, Tavares, FL
Gregory C. Kane, MD 1990-93 Full-time Faculty, Professor of Medicine
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA
Linda Earle, MD 1990-93 Part-time Faculty with Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA
Raymond Attolino, DO 1990-93 Private Practice, Bryn Mawr, PA
Chang-Johng Kim, PhD
(Research Fellow)
1992-93 Full-time Faculty, Professor of Pharmacy and Dean
College of Pharmacy
Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea
Sandra B. Weibel, MD 1990-92 Full-time Faculty, Assistant professor of Medicine
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA
Young Y. Koh, MD, PhD
(Research Fellow)
1990-92 Full-time Faculty, Associate Professor
Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
Donald Collins, MD 1989-92 Private Practice, Philadelphia, PA
Melissa B. King, MD 1989-90 Full-time Faculty, Assistant Professor
University of Minnesota
Peter J. Sloane, MD 1988-91 Private Practice, Baltimore, MD
Richard Dupuis, MD 1988-91 Private Practice, Philadelphia, PA
Richard Shusterman, MD 1987-90 Private Practice, Yardley, PA
Ronald Barnett, MD 1987-90 Private Practice, Norristown, PA
Eric B. Yoss, MD 1986-88 Private Practice, Utica, NY
Phong Nguyen, MD 1986-88 Private Practice, Washington, DC
Andrew J. Uri, MD 1985-87 Private Practice, Portland, OR