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Lippmann, Michael

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Michael Lippmann, MD

Michael Lippmann, MD

Contact Dr. Lippmann

834 Walnut Street
Suite 650
Philadelphia, PA 19107

(215) 955-6591
(215) 955-0830 fax

Medical School

MD, SUNY Buffalo - 1970


Bronx Municipal Hospital Center
Yale New Haven Hospital

Board Certification

ABIM 1975
Pulmonary 1976
Critical Care 87, 97, 2007

Hospital Appointment

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital


Professor of Medicine

Research & Clinical Interests

General Pulmonary Medicine with interest in drug-induced lung disease, occupational lung disease and asthma/COPD/ARDS



Most Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications

  1. Outcomes of Mechanically Ventilated Liver Failure Patients Admitted to the Intensive Care Unit
  2. Recurrent right ventricular Takotsubo cardiomyopathy in a patient with recurrent aspiration
  3. Lung Cancer in HIV ratients: A case Series and literature review
  4. Mycobacterium avium complex in an urban community hospital: Analysis of course and outcome in a HIV-positive and HIV-negative population
  5. Pneumocystis pneumonia in HIV-negative patients: A review of the literature
  6. Saddle pulmonary embolism: Is it as bad as it looks? A community hospital experience
  7. Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor induced angio-oedema: A review of the pathophysiology and risk factors
  8. The risk factors, incidence, and prognosis of ARDS following septicemia. 1983.
  9. Spontaneous hemothorax: A comprehensive review
  10. A young male with history of alcohol abuse with opacified left hemithorax and massive hemoptysis
  11. Hemoptysis as an initial presentation in sarcoidosis: How common is it?: A review
  12. Bronchioloalveolar carcinoma: A community hospital's experience and literature review
  13. Life-Threatening Hemoptysis with Thoracic Actinomycosis: Two Case Reports and Review of the Literature
  14. Airway compromise due to angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor-induced angioedema: Clinical experience at a large community teaching hospital
  15. Fatal pancreatitis associated with valproic acid: Review of the literature
  16. Utility of tracheobronchial stents in mechanically ventilated patients with central airway obstruction: Report of three patients and literature review
  17. Nonresolving pneumonia and mimics of pneumonia
  18. Prevalence of cocaine use and its impact on asthma exacerbation in an urban population
  19. Resolution of adult respiratory distress syndrome after recovery from fulminant hepatic failure
  20. Exacerbation of asthma in an urban population: Treatment modalities and prevalence of cocaine use