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Tung Chan, Phd

Tung Chan, Phd

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Research Interests

Members of the Akt protein kinase family (Akt1, Akt2 and Akt3) are activated in a wide array of cancers. On the other hand, multiple diseases including diabetes and cardiomyopathy are characterized by insufficient Akt activity contributing to deficient (Akt2-dependent) mitochondrial/metabolic functions. To date, no viable therapeutic approaches for selective Akt activation or inactivation exist.

Dr. Chan's laboratory is investigating the roles of the Akt kinases in heart failure development and in lung disease pathogenesis. Based on the discovery of novel domains and mechanisms that control Akt kinase dephosphorylation, we are developing a broad platform for drug development to target Akt isoforms.  Agents can be developed to:

  1. Effect Akt inhibition or activation
  2. Overcome problems of therapeutic resistance

Most exciting, we are using our novel Akt subtypes dephosphorylation assay to screen and develop specific Akt subtype antagonists and agonists as potential treatments for cancer, diabetes, heart failure and neurodegeneration.