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Quality & Safety Initiatives

How we measure success and celebrate excellence varies across professions. In health care, our measures of success are not Oscars, standing ovations or pitching a perfect game, but in having the safest hospitals, the lowest mortality and the best value across the continuum of health care. Our success is determined by the patient experience — the successful surgery, the happy family, the pain that went away and our ability to keep patients out of the hospital in the first place. These are moments that inspire, and they do not happen by accident. They involve years of training and preparation, trial and error entwined in the dedication and commitment to get something right. To achieve that level of excellence, so much must happen. Behind the scenes, repetition of small acts — sometimes thousands of small acts — are analyzed and repeated again and again until the phrase, “It’s good enough,” is eliminated from the vocabulary, because the goal is no longer to be good but to be perfect.

We record the inspiration, perspiration, dedication and commitment to the Thomas Jefferson University Department of Medicine’s search for delivering the absolutely best care available. It is a record of our quality outcomes and initiatives and also a look behind the scenes at the work being done in our hospitals and outpatient practices throughout the Philadelphia metropolitan area. Of course, it is not good enough. Whether in the cinema, on the stage, the page, the stadium or in the health care arena, perfection is never truly achieved. Things can always be better. Perhaps it’s the main reason we continue to work so hard to achieve it.

The Department of Medicine is deeply committed to providing the best possible clinical care to support the health and wellbeing of our patients. We anticipate additional progress towards our goals in the years ahead and are excited for the opportunity to further improve the care we provide for our patients.

Lawrence D. Ward, MD, MPH, FACP
Vice Chair, Clinical Practice & Quality
Department of Medicine