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Future Health Professions Program

Jefferson Pipeline from Youth to Health Care Professional

Thomas Jefferson University has developed a pipeline program meant to educate people at a young age and provide age-appropriate career counseling and experiences. Along the continuum, the pipeline program has established collaborations to give the student the most comprehensive experience possible as we aim to increase the supply of qualified underrepresented minority candidates for the health care fields. Click the graphic above to see a larger version.

Future Health Professionals Program

Future Health Professionals Program Overview (Click for larger view)

Future Health Professionals Program Overview (Click for larger view)

The objective of the Future Health Professionals High School Program is to provide high school juniors and seniors with information and experiences to expose them to potential career choices in the health care fields.

The Future Docs High school Program is a sixteen-week educational and experiential program for underrepresented minority high school juniors and seniors interested in careers in the health professions. Students attend sessions for two hours a week. The program begins in November and ends in April.

Through interaction with faculty and students, participants have the opportunity to explore careers in medicine, nursing, the health professions, pharmacy, population health and the biomedical sciences. During the program, participants interact with Jefferson faculty and students and learn about career opportunities and student life. These sessions are designed to encourage students to prepare themselves adequately for future health care careers.

Educational sessions include the following:

  • Visit to the anatomy lab
  • Interactive medical simulation session in the Clinical Skills Laboratory
  • Panel session on life as a student in the various health care colleges
  • Medical, nursing, graduate and health professions admissions requirements
  • Financial aid and scholarship opportunities
  • Careers in nursing, pharmacy, occupational therapy and allied health technologies
  • Careers in medicine (with exposure to Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine, Surgery, Family Medicine, and Internal Medicine)

Students are also given hands-on experiences through the use of our Anatomy Lab and Clinical Skills Center and a tour of the hospital and Jefferson - Center City campus.