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Our Team

Christine A. Arenson, MD

Christine Arenson, MD - Alumni Professor and Chair , DFCM.
Dr. Arenson has served as faculty or project director for projects on UME, primary care fellowships, academic/administrative units, geriatric academic career award and geriatric education centers. She is the founding co-director of the Jefferson Center for Interprofessional Education and is nationally known for her work in this area. She currently serves as Associate CMO for the Jefferson practices in the Delaware Valley ACO and is co-chair of the Jefferson Population Health Workgroup. She will be responsible for all aspects of JeffAPCT.

Patrick McManus, MD

Patrick McManus, MD - Associate Project Director
Dr. McManus, DFCM Residency Director is the PD for Jefferson’s HRSA-funded primary care residency training grant, which has successfully led to increased diversity and increased retention of FM graduates in MUC practices. He also serves as Director of the SKMC UUP program. He brings extensive experience in FM education, diversity, and community partnerships to his role as Associate PD. He will support the PD in all aspects of JeffAPCT, with particular emphasis on Residency Education and the UUP program.

Marnie LaNoue, PhD

Marnie LaNoue, PhD – Project Evaluator
Dr. LaNoue is a psychometrician whose research focuses on improving care within the PCMH and addressing long-term impact of childhood trauma. She has served as project evaluator on five HRSA-funded training grants. Her skill set includes deep familiarity with evaluation methodology, as well as Jefferson clinical and educational data sets. She is an expert mentor, and successfully mentors students, residents, fellows, and faculty to design and conduct educational and clinical evaluations. She will lead program evaluation, working closely with the Evaluation Assistant and other project faculty.

Michele Zawora, MD

Michele Zawora, MD – Assistant Project Director for PA Studies and Interim Chair, PA Studies
|Dr. Zawora is Assistant Professor, DFCM, and a former Medical Director of the Family Medicine residency/ faculty practice. She is also leading Jefferson’s pilot implementation of TeamSTEPPS® for Primary Care for the entire family medicine practice staff. She was previously Medical Director of the PA program, and now has overall responsibility for all aspects of this new program. She is committed to operationalizing the program’s emphasis on training primary care clinicians through JeffAPCT.

Larry Ward, MD

Larry Ward, MD – Vice Chair for Clinical Practice & Quality, DoM
A general internist, Dr. Ward co-chairs the Jefferson Population Health Workgroup with Dr. Arenson, and is a champion of primary care internal medicine. He will serve as PCMH and TJUHS Population Health advisor to this project, as well as mentor to Drs. Babula and Ojeda.

Fred Markham, MD

Fred Markham, MD – FM Clerkship Director
Dr. Markham is Professor, DFCM and co-director of the PSAP program. He is also the faculty advisor to the Family Medicine Interest Group of SKMC. He will be primarily responsible for all UME aspects of JeffAPCT, and will work with the PA faculty to incorporate the PA program into the Jefferson PSAP.

Jason Ojeda, MD

Jason Ojeda, MD – Assistant Project Director for Primary Care Internal Medicine and Director, Primary Care Track, Medicine Residency
Dr. Ojeda will work closely with Dr. McManus to design, implement, and evaluate new primary care residency curriculum as part of this project, with particular responsibility for working with and evaluating outcomes with primary care internal medicine residents.

Susan Dubendorfer, MPA, PA-C

Susan Dubendorfer, MPA, PA-C – Assistant Professor and Director of Curriculum and Evaluation, PA Studies
A primary care clinician, Ms. Dubendorfer is responsible for clinical curriculum in the PA program, and will work closely with Dr. Zawora to incorporate primary care, population health, quality & safety curriculum throughout the PA program, as well as to develop the PA Primary Care track, PSAP and UUP programs.

Mariasyl de la Cruz, MD

Mariasyl de la Cruz, MD – Assistant Professor and UME, DFCM
Dr. de la Cruz works closely with Dr. Markham and the DFCM Vice Chair for Academic Affairs on all aspects of UME programming in DFCM. She will work closely with Dr. Markham to develop, operationalize, and evaluate new UME curriculum and UME/ PA shared curriculum. She will have particular responsibility for working with community preceptors and affiliated faculty to provide faculty development and disseminate new curriculum, toolkits, and program evaluation strategies.

George Valko, MD

George Valko, MD – Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs & Quality, DFCM
Dr. Valko has over two decades of experience with leadership and transformation of primary care practice. For six years he has led the DFCM in a series of state PCMH demonstration projects that have resulted in dramatic transformation of our main academic practice. He is a member of the Delaware Valley ACO Care Coordination Committee and integral to primary care and population health transformation across TJUHS. He will direct the Primary Care Practice Learning Collaborative and be responsible, with Dr. Babula, for all aspects of this program, as well as supporting recruitment of primary care clinicians as community preceptors.

Bracken Babula, MD

Bracken Babula, MD – Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine
Dr. Babula is actively engaged in practice transformation and team education in the Division of Internal Medicine. He will work closely with Dr. Valko on all aspects of the Primary Care Practice Learning Collaborative.

Randa Sifri, MD

Randa Sifri, MD – Director of Research and Director, Primary Care Research Fellowship, DFCM
Dr. Sifri will bring her experience with primary care practice-based research and fellowship direction to bear to develop and administer the JeffAPCT PCMH Transformation Faculty Development program.

James Plumb, MD, MPH

James Plumb, MD, MPH – Professor, DFCM and Director, Center for
Urban Health
Dr. Plumb leads Jefferson’s Community Benefits program and is engaged in population and public health curriculum at SKMC and the JSPH. He co-directs the SKMC Population Health College Within the College co-curriculum and is the Project Director of Jefferson’s HRSA funded Joint Degree Program. He brings extensive knowledge of Jefferson’s community education opportunities, as well as curricular expertise and resources in population health. Additionally, he will serve as a liaison with ongoing planning to fundamentally redesign the SKMC UME curriculum, ensuring that PCMH, population health, and quality & safety curriculum and new interprofessional experiential work developed by JeffAPCT is fully incorporated and institutionalized in the new SKMC curriculum to begin in 2017.

Rickie Brawer, PhD, MPH

Rickie Brawer, PhD, MPH – Assistant Professor, DFCM and Associate Director, Center for Urban Health
Dr. Brawer completed Jefferson’s Community Health Needs Assessment and Community Benefit Implementation Plan. She co-directs the SKMC Population Health College Within the College co-curriculum. She brings 25 years of experience working with Jefferson’s community partners and with students in community settings. She will serve on the Advisory Board to ensure appropriate linkages between JeffAPCT and community partners.

Laurie Collins, MD

Laurie Collins, MD – Associate Director, Jefferson Center for InterProfessional Education (JCIPE)
Dr. Collins is a board certified family physician and geriatrician whose career is focused on UME and interprofessional education. She serves as Faculty Director of the Jefferson Health Mentors Program (required for MD, PA, BSN, Pharmacy, PT, OT, and couple/family therapy students at TJU), a 2-year longitudinal person-centered interprofessional curriculum developed to prepare students for patient-centered interprofessional collaborative practice and care of those with chronic conditions. JCIPE is developing TeamSTEPPS® training for all Jefferson students and working with TJUHS to develop training for all clinical teams in the hospitals. An expert in techniques of interprofessional education and evaluation, Dr. Collins, along with Dr. Arenson, will serve as liaison between JeffAPCT and JCIPE to include key elements of primary care training in TeamSTEPPS®, as well as identifying opportunities to engage other members of the primary care team in education at every level of JeffAPCT.

Amy Cunningham, MPH

Amy Cunningham, PhD, MPH – Postdoctoral Fellow, DFCM
Ms. Cunningham has served as a Clinical Research Coordinator in DFCM for several years. She received her Master of Public Health and is currently a PhD candidate in the Jefferson College of Population Health. She will assist Dr. LaNoue and the JeffAPCT team in all aspects of program evaluation and has robust experience in evaluation methodology and has worked with several Jefferson clinical and educational data sets.

Colleen Payton, MPH

Colleen Payton, MPH – Clinical Research Coordinator III, DFCM: Ms. Payton has served as a Clinical Research Coordinator in DFCM for several years. She received her Master of Public Health and is currently a PhD candidate in the Jefferson College of Population Health. She has extensive skills in software and data entry and will assist Dr. LaNoue and the JeffAPCT team in all aspects of program evaluation.