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Policies & Guidelines

Faculty Handbook

We have provided both the full Faculty Handbook (PDF) and individual chapters for your reference.

  • One Jefferson, Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Values
  • Commitment to Diversity and Gender Equity

  • Founding
  • Famous Faculty
  • Expansion to Today

  • The Dean
  • The Faculty
  • The Executive Council
  • Departments and Divisions of SKMC
  • Department Chairs
  • Educational Affiliations
  • Standing Committees
  • Professorial Faculty Advisory Committee
  • Thomas Jefferson University Faculty Senate

  • Academic Calendar
  • Academic Protocol
  • Undergraduate Medical Education
  • The Curriculum
  • Sidney Kimmel Medical College Competencies
  • Student Promotion
  • Student Evaluation
  • Student Supervision
  • Access to Student Records
  • Graduate Medical Education
  • Residency Programs
  • Subspecialty Residency Programs
  • Evaluation
  • Continuing Medical Education

  • Faculty Ranks and Categories
  • Guidelines for Faculty Appointment and Promotion
  • Faculty Orientation
  • Faculty Evaluation
  • Faculty Advocacy
  • Faculty Recognition
  • Faculty Portraits

  • Center for Research in Medical Education and Health Care
  • Center for Teaching and Learning and Scott Memorial Library

  • Purpose
  • The Clinical Learning Environment
  • Supervision: Definition of Roles
  • Supervision During Clinical Experiences
  • Graded Responsibility of Medical Students
  • Procedural Supervision
  • Faculty Recusal from the Supervisory Role

Faculty Policies & Procedures

We have provided a list of policies most pertinent to Sidney Kimmel Medical College faculty. You can also view the complete list of all Thomas Jefferson University Policies and Procedures

NOTE: Certain materials are only accessible within the Jefferson network. Public access is restricted.