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Dr. Grunwald with students

The MD degree has three distinct phases:

  • PHASE 1 is focused on basic science and foundational clinical science;
  • PHASE 2 is the core clerkship year, offering invaluable experience at one of our many area hospitals; and 
  • PHASE 3 begins in the spring of third year, allowing ample time for career exploration and development of speciality-specific skills.

Phase 1

Phase 1 consists of four course sequences:

These four course sequences, taken concurrently, create a bedrock of knowledge, clinical and critical thinking skills with a patient-centered focus that the student apply during their clinical years in medical school and beyond. Our Humanities Selectives and Scholarly Inquiry courses enable students to explore and concentrate on areas of their own interest.

Phase 2

Phase 2 has four sets of paired core clerkships, each 12 weeks long. These pairings are intentionally designed to create a deeper well of knowledge for students, illuminating similarities in processes and care of patients throughout the core clerkships.

Phasee II of JeffMD

Phase 3

Students begin Phase 3 during the spring of their third year allowing flexibility and specialization opportunities during this phase. All students complete core rotations and must fulfill all SKMC competencies.

Phase 2 of JeffMD