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IDeA: Innovation & Design Application

The Innovation & Design Application (IDeA) Program provides Princeton University undergraduates in their sophomore year with early acceptance to Sidney Kimmel Medical College (SKMC) at Thomas Jefferson University. The Program invites Princeton University sophomores pursuing non-traditional pre-med majors or concentrations, such as architecture, engineering and computer science, to apply for early admission to SKMC. Our vision is to create a program that fosters an “out-of-the-box” approach to healthcare challenges.

Admitted students will not be required to (and may not) take the MCAT or the full pre-med course load. This allows students to focus on their area of study at Princeton, developing the outside experience that brings innovation to the IDeA Program. IDeA Students in their first year at SKMC are invited to pursue the College within the College Design Program, a four year co-curricular journey that focuses on developing a human-centered approach to medicine through the lens of design thinking.

Accepted applicants will be eligible to receive scholarships.

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Bon Ku, MD, MPP
Director, IDeA Program