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Jefferson Physician Scientist Association

The Jefferson Physician Scientist Association (JPSA) was founded in Fall 2010 with the purpose of advancing the future of translational medicine and representing the position of MD/PhD students in academic and extracurricular matters. Membership includes all students enrolled in the MD/PhD Program who will be primarily recruited at the annual MD/PhD orientation and welcome in early fall of each academic year. Officers are elected annually.

Officers (2020)

Title Officer
President John Flickinger
Secretary Yanki Yarman
Treasurer Colleen Isabelle
VPs for Academic Affairs Signe Caksa, Debotri Chatterjee
VPs for Educational Enrichment Tyler Alexander, Usman Baqai, Rachel Cain
VPs for Community and Cultural Affairs Haani Jafri
VPs for Recruitment Josh Barton, Lara Cheslow
APSA Institutional Representative Selin Isguven

Responsibilities of the Vice Presidents

Academic Affairs

Sit on the MD/PhD Steering Committee and represent students at all stages of the program; serve as the leading student voice for recruiting, admissions and MD/PhD program direction and development. Organize two annual mentorship dinners with an invited speaker.

Educational Enrichment

Organize educational and career-development seminars for the MD/PhD students. These include annual opportunities for students to share advice (“how-to apply for an F-30”, “how to choose a lab rotation”, and “how to return to med school” seminars), as well bimonthly clinical skills sessions with current residents.

Community & Cultural Affairs

Coordinate efforts to interact with groups and individuals outside the JPSA community; creating and maintaining an alumni network; serves as president of MD/PhD Social Committee; spearhead all social activities throughout the year.


Represent students on admissions committee (non-voting); develop and organize interview days; 2nd look visits, and be the interface between applicants and current students.

American Physician Scientists Association

American Physician Scientists Association (APSA)
Founded by trainees, for trainees and continues to be trainee-led. It is the premier organization for physician-scientist trainee advocacy. The Jefferson College of Life Sciences maintains an institutitional membership for students in the MD/PhD program. Visit the APSA website for information about membership, career paths and funding opportunities.