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MEDstudio@JEFF is an anti-disciplinary agency focused on the design of health and human dignity. Rooted in over 25 years of research and practice in the medical sciences and design, and answering to unmet needs in health and wellness, MEDstudio@JEFF was established in 2013 by Dr. Peter Lloyd Jones and Provost Mark Tykocinski.

Based in the Department of Emergency Medicine, our mission is to identify tough problems within the existing healthcare system, and then to deliver appropriate low and/or high tech solutions to health care workers, patients and the general public. Our International core team of polymaths, which includes Scientists, Journalists, Healthcare Providers, Fashion + Textile Designers, Architects, Visual Artists, Videographers, Architects, Interior Designers, Chemists, Mathematicians and Urban Planners, collectively work to predict and shape the future of medicine. The program acts as a catalyst for human-centered design activities at The Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University.

Whether designing a medical system, process, product, or a large-scale civic urban space, MEDstudio@JEFF provides a convergent nexus for creative dialogue between individuals working in diverse fields. Via workshops, community engagement, lectures and broad collaborations -from street artists to Nobel-prize winning labs- we precipitate new insights unleashed by the application of human-centered design within research, practice and education related to health and wellness. Our mission is heavily biased towards the discovery of novel and dignified solutions within healthcare.

Through its' highly integrative and experimental initiatives, MEDstudio@JEFF works cooperatively to shape a more comprehensive, dynamic, and fertile future for medicine, health, and wellness. Current projects aimed at The Design of Health + Human Dignity include collaborations with Labstudio, Friends of the Philadelphia Rail Park, Center City District, Design Philadelphia, The Philadelphia Center for Architecture + Design, The American Institute of Architects (Philadelphia Chapter), The Architectural Association (London), Waxwood Agency, Parallax Collaboration, Creative Mornings, Likuma Labs, IBX Innovation Group, St. George's Hospital in London, Philadelphia University, Cancer Support Community, National Institute of Standards and Technology, the Shima Seiki Haute Technology Lab at Drexel University’s ExCITe Center, the Advanced Functional Fabrics of America at M.I.T., and the Sabin Design Lab at Cornell University.

The Beacon

The Beacon

Where Design + Technology meet to Empower People
MEDstudio@JEFF is proud to announce the debut of THE BEACON at this year’s DesignPhiladelphia. An interactive ecosystem created in collaboration with lead designer Jenny Sabin Studio. THE BEACON will immerse audience members into an exciting vision of how design will enhance the future of human health and wellness.

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