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Careers in Medicine

Choosing Your Specialty

In addition to individualized counseling, the OSACC encourages students to use the AAMC Careers in Medicine (CiM) career planning program when looking for assistance in selecting a medical specialty and applying to a residency program. This site is a great avenue for building a foundation of knowledge regarding the various career options that are available in the medical field.

The site is broken into three major divisions: 

  • Choose your SpecialtyThe Choose your Specialty division offers a list of 120 specialties and subspecialities that provide everything from a description of the physician's responsibilities to specific exam scores and physician salaries. The CiM site also offers interest, values, personality, and skills tests that help you explore your innate talents and abilities before exploring career options and finding a best match career. They also lay out a timeline for career exploration by year. 
  • Land your ResidencyThis section offers resources and information on residency programs, the residency application and the Match process. 
  • Shape your Career. The Shape your Career section follows students after residency.

Third-Year Specialty Options

During your third year rotations, you will be exposed in an in-depth manner to seven fields:

  • Internal Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Pediatrics
  • Psychiatry
  • Neurology
  • Family Medicine
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology

You will also experience two three-week electives, one of which must be in a surgical subspecialty.

Our specialty options are described in the Medical Career Specialty Information (PDF) (excerpted from the AAMC Careers in Medicine). Specialties which you will not necessarily be exposed to during third year rotations are marked with an asterisk (*).

Sub-specialties are areas of advanced study within a particular field: for example, Gastroenterology is a sub-specialty within Internal Medicine or Pediatrics. Training in these fields is known as Fellowship training. While some sub-specialties of Medicine and Surgery are included in the Medical Career Specialty list (for example, Gastroenterology), it is not a complete overview of all possible subspecialties, which is found on the AAMC Careers in Medicine website.