Thomas Jefferson University

Leadership Ambassadors

2019-20 Position Information

Overview: Leadership Ambassadors assist with the Leadership LIVE program during sessions and service activities, represent the program to the campus community, and help with the day to day work that contributes to the program’s success.  Serving as a Leadership Ambassador is a great opportunity for students to engage in a leadership role on campus and further develop their leadership skills.

Compensation: Leadership Ambassadors who successfully fulfill their commitment receive a $250 honorarium at the end of the academic year and are recognized at the Leadership Ceremony. 

Position Requirements: Must be a matriculated Jefferson student for the 2019-20 academic year, and must have participated in the Leadership LIVE program in a prior year.  Preference will be given to those students who have earned their Leadership Certificate.

Position Responsibilities:

Serve as the Leadership Ambassador for four Leadership LIVE sessions during the academic year.  Responsibilities include:

  • Assist with the session set-up
  • Represent the Leadership LIVE program and address any student inquiries
  • Staff the Check-In Table – record attendance, give out corresponding incentive items and session handouts, etc.
  • Make scripted announcements at the start and/or end of the session (including introducing the speaker).
  • Collect evaluations after the session and bring the materials back to the office.

Note: Leadership Credits for each session will be earned by the Leadership Ambassador, provided they stay through the duration of the session as scheduled.

Leadership Ambassadors will serve as our Leadership Team Representative at two community service activities over the course of the academic year.  Responsibilities at service activities include:

  • Serve as the leader for the service activity, representing Jefferson and Leadership LIVE, coordinating with the organization’s point person, providing guidance to the students in attendance, and addressing any issues or concerns.
  • Meet with a representative from our office in advance of the service activity to go over your role and pick up any materials for the service activity.
  • Follow up with the service activity attendees directly after the service activity via email to thank them for their time and provide the reflection link – a template will be provided to you by the office via email the day of your pre-activity meeting. CC on this communication.

  • Follow up with our office after the service activity.  Submit to our office: a brief summary report of the service activity experience, the attendance record for the service activity, and any pictures taken. 

Note: Leadership Ambassadors will receive Leadership Credits for one of the two service activities.  This is in line with our program’s policy regarding service activities – a maximum of two Leadership Credits may be earned each academic year regardless of the number of service activities completed.

Leadership Ambassadors will provide twelve hours of time over the course of the academic year dedicated to program assistance for Leadership LIVE.  Responsibilities may include the following:

  • Represent the Leadership LIVE program at campus events (e.g. Information Tables, University Orientations, Office of Student Life and Engagement events, etc.).
  • Attend a Leadership Team meeting and/or share your ideas and feedback on the Leadership LIVE program
  • Assist with one of the program’s sessions or special events which may include a planning, facilitating, or presenting component in conjunction with the Leadership Team member(s) that are the primary presenter(s)
  • Assist with programs and special initiatives of the Office of Student Life and Engagement or with major programs of other student services offices
  • Assist with some of the behind the scenes logistics of the Leadership LIVE program including such things as:
    • Preparing handouts for the sessions
    • Marketing the program
    • Updating Leadership LIVE files (e.g. entering attendance, entering service activity signups, etc.)
    • Sending emails (from our office) to students in the Leadership LIVE program

Apply to be a Leadership Ambassador

Applications for the 2019-20 academic year are currently closed.   Information for applications for the 2020-2021 academic year will be posted once available.

How to Apply for this Position:

Please complete the Leadership Ambassador Application form and submit via email to the Office of Student Life and Engagement at by February 28th.  You may use as much space as needed in order to thoroughly answer the questions, please do not limit yourself to general spacing provided on the form. Applications must be typed and submitted electronically; we are unable to accept any handwritten submissions.

Decisions will be made based upon the answers provided on the application (excluding preferred t-shirt size) and past Leadership LIVE participation levels.  Additionally, decisions will take into consideration a student’s academic program to allow for a well-rounded, interdisciplinary group of Leadership Ambassadors for the 2019-20 academic year.