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Leadership LIVE


Leadership LIVE is a student leadership development program coordinated by the Office of Student Life and Engagement - Programming Division (Center City Campus) which is open to Jefferson students at ALL campuses.  Leadership LIVE consists of On Demand Sessions, LIVE Leadership Chats, LIVE Special Events, and Service Opportunities - all of which are designed to enhance students' knowledge, skills, and efficacy as a leader in today's world.  We will be offering a combination of in person and virtual opportunities throughout the 2021-22 Leadership LIVE Year. 

Through Leadership LIVE students can position themselves to make a difference in today’s world through learning strategies to influence change, increasing their understanding of self and others, engaging in service, enhancing their ability to create inclusive environments, and developing the confidence and competencies to take action towards a better future.


Program Structure

Leadership LIVE Guiding Statements


Leadership Live

The mission of Leadership LIVE is to promote leadership as an integral aspect of higher education.  We strive to empower students to be ethical leaders in their industries and the global community, teaching them that leadership is a process, not just a position.  Leadership LIVE fosters an awareness of self and others, the value of teamwork, and an understanding of living and leading in diverse contexts. 


  • Leadership development should be accessible and inclusive.
  • Leadership is a process rather than a position.
  • The program is informed by the Leadership Identity Development Model.
  • Each individual has the capacity to develop and practice leadership within multiple contexts. 

Learning Outcomes

By participating in this program students will be able to

  • Increase awareness of self and others in relation to leadership.
  • Demonstrate the skills necessary to work collaboratively.
  • Discuss theoretical and practical knowledge about leadership.
  • Understand leadership as a process.
  • Identify opportunities to enhance leadership development.
  • Engage in leadership behaviors.
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