Thomas Jefferson University

LIVE Leadership Chats


  • Our LIVE Leadership Chats are one hour discussion based sessions that will take place that are focused on a specific discussion area relevant to leadership addresses one or more aspects of our Leadership Curriculum.
  • The facilitator will guide students through a discussion using a series of prompts or talking points.  These sessions are highly interactive and all participants will be expected to contribute to the conversation.
  • Leadership Chats will be offered throughout a combination of in person and virtual means.  Our goal is to offer each Leadership Chat twice - once in person and once online.  This is conteingent upon presenter availability.
  • A listing of sessions and corresponding Zoom meeting information can be accessed in our Leadership LIVE Canvas course.


  • 1 LC will be awarded for each LIVE Leadership Chat session successfully completed during the 2021-22 Leadership LIVE program year
  • Leadership Credits do not roll over from one academic year to the next
  • Completion of a LIVE Leadership Chat session includes attending the full session, following the proper sign in procedures for attendance, and participating in the session.  This consists of engaging in the conversation if attending an in person chat or via the audio or chat functionality if attending a session on Zoom.


  • Two LIVE Leadership Chat sessions will take place during the fall semester and two will take place during the spring semester for a total of four sessions for the 2021-22 Leadership LIVE program year
  • The four sessions will each have at least one specific date and time, but most LIVE Leadership Chats may have multiple dates and times they are offered (note: additional credit will not be awarded for attending the same LIVE Leadership Chat more than once)