Thomas Jefferson University

On Demand Sessions


  • Our On Demand Sessions are content based interactive presentation modules in our Leadership LIVE Canvas course that can be accessed anytime once released and completed at a student’s own pace.  New sessions will be released throughout the semester and can be completed for credit any time before the 2021-22 Leadership LIVE program year deadline.
  • Students may select which sessions they would like to do; it is NOT required to complete all the sessions nor is there any specific order they need to be viewed in.  However, all students are highly encouraged to complete the “Getting Started: Your Leadership Journey” session first as it provides some introductory information and foundations for the rest of the year.
  • Each On Demand Session is focused on a specific content area within leadership and addresses one or more aspects of our Leadership Curriculum.  Additionally, each session has a reflective component.  After completing the interactive presentation module, students must complete the session reflection which prompts them to consider such things such as the content in the presentation as well as their own leadership development.


  • 1 LC will be awarded for each On Demand Session successfully completed by the 2021-22 Leadership LIVE program year deadline
  • Leadership Credits do not roll over from one academic year to the next
  • Completion of an On Demand session includes successfully completing both the presentation module and reflection component


  • Three On Demand Sessions will be released throughout the fall semester and three will be released throughout the spring semester for a total of six sessions for the 2021-22 Leadership LIVE program year