Thomas Jefferson University

Overview of University Orientation

Welcome to Thomas Jefferson University!  The Office of Student Life and Engagement is responsible for providing University Orientation for programs within the following colleges:

  • Jefferson College of Health Professions (JCHP)
  • Jefferson College of Life Sciences (JCLS)
  • Jefferson College of Nursing (JCN)
  • Jefferson College of Pharmancy (JCP)
  • Jefferson College of Population Health (JCPH)
  • Jefferson College of Rehabilitation Sciences (JCRS)
If you are unsure about whether or not your program requires you to complete University Orientation, please consult your new student checklist, your current holds, or your academic area. 
Your University Orientation will be conducted ONLINE.  In order to satisfy your University Orientation requirement, you must complete the Jefferson Students Online University Orientation (JSOUO) Canvas course.  More information on when this Canvas course will become available to you and how to access it is provided below.

Online University Orientation

The Online University Orientation is an asynchronous requirement that you can complete at your own pace from the comfort of your own home.  We have created an informative and engaging experience that provides you with the knowledge and resources you need in order to be successful throughout your time here at Jefferson.  Once enrolled in the Canvas course, please be sure to read the homepage for additional information about the experience.  Below we review what our office hopes to accomplish through University Orientation as well as what you can expect to see within the Online University Orientation Canvas course.

Goals of University Orientation

  • To assist students in making a successful transition to Jefferson.
  • To introduce students to campus servcies and resources that will enhance their academic succes and overall experience
  • To educate students on policies, their rights, and the expectations of conduct while at Jefferson.
  • To welcome new students and provide opportunities for them to connect with other new students, staff, faculty, and returning students.

Components of the Online University Orientation

  • Welcome from Jefferson Students
  • Jefferson Overview
  • University Services Presentation
  • Paying Your Bill Tutorial
  • Jefferson Policies Presentation
  • Title IX Presentation
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Unconscious Bias Training
  • Campus Safety and Security Presentation
  • Wellness Component
  • Eight Dimensions of Wellness
  • Stress Management
  • Drug and Alcohol Use
  • Virtual Campus and Resident Hall Tours

Accessing Online University Orientation

Accepted students are sent specific information on when the Online University Orientation Canvas course will become available as well as instructions on how to access it.  This information will come in the form of a pre-matriculation packet that reviews the University Orientation hold, other holds our office manages, information on your Photo ID, important contacts, and other helpful information.  This packet will be sent to your Jefferson email as well as the primary alternate email on file with the Admissions Office.  Please note that this is a separate information packet from the acceptance packet sent to you from the Admissions Office.  You may also receive a separate packet from your academic area.  

Online University Orientation Availability

Below are the dates the Online University Orientation will become available to new incoming students by term for the 2021 - 2022 academic year.

  • Pre-fall and Summer terms: April, 5th
  • Fall term: July, 12th
  • Spring term: December (exact date TBD) 

Your University Orientation must be completed prior to your first day of classes. Removal of the University Orientation hold is a mandatory process and can take up to about 1 week to be removed from your account.

*If you complete the Online University Orientation prior to your term's launch date, it will not satisfy your University Orientation hold.  You must wait until you receive communication from the Office of Student Life and Engagement to complete the course*

If you have any questions regarding this requirement please reach out to our office.