American Geriatrics Society

Membership Eligibility: All Members of the Jefferson Community

Membership Dues or Fees: None


With the retirement and aging of the baby boomer population, geriatric medicine has become a quickly expanding field in all healthcare professions. Many students are not exposed to geriatrics, which involves a set of considerations and concerns separate from those of children and adults, until late in their schooling. The student chapter of the American Geriatrics Society at Thomas Jefferson University advances the awareness of the great need for care of the older adult. The purpose of this organization is three-fold: To facilitate career interest in geriatric medicine through early exposure to different practice options and patient care settings; to educate students on health issues pertinent to the care of the older adult through sponsored didactics and supervised clinical experiences; and to foster interdisciplinary interactions through volunteering initiatives designed to promote collaborative geriatric care. Students of all schools at Jefferson interested in geriatric medicine are invited to participate in the development of our organization, and its didactic and volunteering events. We plan to launch initiatives for inpatient delirium prevention and cognitive fitness, and anticipate collaboration with Jefferson's existing Health Mentors program.


Organization Email:

Student Organization Advisor: Brooke Salzman, MD, Associate Professor; Geriatric Fellowship Program Director, Department of Family and Community Medicine; Division of Geriatric Medicine and Palliative Care 834 Walnut Street, Suite 110 | 215-955-6664