American College of Veterinary Pharmacy

Membership Eligibility: Jefferson College of Pharmacy only

Membership Dues or Fees: $10.00

Description: Surprisingly, there aren't any student chapters of the American College of Veterinary Pharmacists (ACVP) in the entire Mid-Atlantic region. Pets are increasingly becoming an integral part of many people's lives to the point that many are interested in interventional care for their beloved dog or cat. In light of this, more and more people are willing to fill prescriptions on behalf of their pets causing an increasing number to be filled at area pharmacies instead of specialty pet med companies or veterinary clinics. However, animals have unique pharmacy needs that pharmacists and pharmacy students should be educated about. Furthermore, while community pharmacies like CVS can “catch” a dosing related error for humans, their computerized systems do not flag such misentries for animals. Thus it is imperative that student pharmacists are educated on the most common prescriptions filled for pets and the parameters of those numbers. In the short term, aside from the aforementioned educational endeavors, we want to have community outreach events to educate the public about double-checking medications filled for pets outside of veterinary settings. Furthermore, we’d like to organize philanthropic initiatives like a Christmas pet food drive and partnering with the ACCT Philly Pen Pals program to increase the expose of shelter pets and provide those animals with an occasional reprieve from shelter life on the “doggy field trips” through Pen Pals.

Looking to the long term, our goals are to expand the opportunities for pharmacy students at Jefferson to do elective rotations in veterinary pharmacy. The opportunities for veterinary pharmacy in this region are currently untapped, as we are located next to Ryan Hospital (Penn Vet). Additionally, there are five post-graduate residencies in veterinary pharmacy in the US, so we’d also be working alongside the ACVP to expand this number as more pharmacy students become interested in a career outside of human populations.



Organization Email:

Student Organization Advisor: Gudrun Debes, DVM, Associate Professor, Department of Physical Therapy 233 S. 10th Street, room 526 Philadelphia, PA 19107