Jefferson Dermatology Society

Membership Eligibility: Sidney Kimmel Medical College Only

Membership Dues or Fees: None

Description: The Jefferson Dermatology Society provides a great opportunity for students at Jefferson to learn about Dermatology, about the match process and to help students investigate their curiosities about the field. This student organization typically has talks that include an introduction to general dermatology, talks about dermatology research and research opportunities at Jefferson, explanation of dermatology cases and a post match panel. We also have talks about specialities within dermatology, such as cosmetics and pathology. Since dermatology is an extremely competitive field, it is crucial to have an organization that provides students information and resources about the field and advice about matching. Not only are the events helpful for those interested in applying to dermatology, but they are also helpful for those interested in other fields that want a baseline knowledge of dermatology in order to provide better care for patients. The society works closely with dermatology attendings and residents to provide the best information available for students. The goal of the dermatology is to provide current information to students and teach students about the field.


Organization Email:

Student Organization Advisor: Sherry Yang, MD, Assistant Professor, Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Biology; 33 South 9th Street, Suite 740, Philadelphia, PA 19107 | 215-955-6680