D.I.M.E.S. - Diversity, Inclusion, and Multiculturalism in Educating Students

Membership Eligibility: All Jefferson Students

Membership Dues or Fees: None


The purpose of this organization is to help increase diversity awareness amongst the Thomas Jefferson University community to maximize student involvement in diversity issues, while contributing to the advancement of diversity within all Jefferson Schools which include JSHP, JSN, JSP, JSPH, JCGSBS, and the Jefferson Medical College. This organization also strives to increase recruitment of underrepresented individuals within the health professions through community service activities and the enhancement of alumni relationships. We strive to create partnerships with other student organizations. Another focus is to connect with local schools (high schools, middle schools, etc.) in order to promote the health and medical fields. Membership is open to all enrolled students at Thomas Jefferson University. In order to be an active member, members must:

  1. Maintain good academic standing;
  2. Attend at least 50% of all meetings held per academic year; and
  3. Participate in at least one community service event sponsored by the organization.

However, if a student wishes to discontinue their membership, they can submit written resignation at any time. We have collaborated with other student organizations such as MedScouts and FutureDOCs as we also strive to connect with local high school students as well. In collaboration with some of the other organizations at Thomas Jefferson University we plan on holding events that benefit both the community and the student population while at the same time promoting diversity and awareness. These events include a Diversity and Kindness Scavenger hut through out the city, volunteering our services at Hunger Relief Center and providing an open forum with a diverse panel of Jefferson alumni to speak with students about their experience and knowledge.


Organization Email: dimes@jefferson.edu

President: Jennifer Igbokwe, Jefferson College of Health Professions

Treasurer: Teresa Corchado, Jefferson College of Health Professions

Vice President: Alexis Nyekan, Jefferson College of Health Professions

Secretary: Jazmin Morris, Jefferson College of Health Professions

Events Coordinator: Tanisha Monte, Jefferson College of Health Professions


Student Organization Advisor:

Leigh Ann Hewston, PT, MEd, Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy Department
Edison Building, Suite 830 | 205-503-6015 |