Project Care Society

Membership Eligibility: All Jefferson Students

Membership Dues or Fees: $0.00

Description: The purpose of the Project Care Society is to:

- Help Jefferson students gain an understanding of challenges individuals experiencing homelessness may face and what their pertinent needs are
- Inform Jefferson students of the driving factors towards homelessness and the stigmas against these individuals.
- Actively discuss ways to curb these stereotypes and promote awareness of the lens against homeless individuals.
- Fundraise to create care packages to address needs for homeless individuals during the winter and summer months.
- Distribute care packages in groups of student volunteers to individuals across Philadelphia
- Create connections with current organizations to donate packages in areas that may pose as a safety risk for in-person distribution
- Raise awareness of code blue and red emergencies and the facilities in Philadelphia that individuals experiencing homelessness can access

Goals: The short-term goals of this organization would be to facilitate an understanding of driving factors towards homelessness and the existing stigmas against this population through monthly discussions. Additionally, a short-term goal would be to inform Jefferson students about the details surrounding code-blue and code-red events in the city and existing locations that unsheltered individuals can go during these events. In order to prepare for these events, another goal includes fundraising biannually to address the needs of individuals experiencing homelessness during the winter and summer time. Through fundraisers, care packages will be created to address these extremes in temperatures and will be distributed through groups of student volunteers. A long-term goal would be to create connections with existing charities to donate care packages in areas that would otherwise be less safe to distribute in person.


Organization Email:

Student Organization Advisor: Harish, Lavu, MD, Professor, General Surgery 1025 Walnut Street College Building, Suite 605 Philadelphia, PA 19107 | 215-955-4902