Psychedelic Science Society

Membership Eligibility: All members of Jefferson community

Membership Dues or Fees: $0.00

Description: The fields of psychedelic science and psychedelic-assisted therapy—not long ago taboo subjects pushed to the fringes of medical interest—are in the midst of a grand renaissance, with FDA approval and widespread dissemination likely to occur in the near future. With this being the case, there is a need to bring awareness to psychedelic medicine in the medical community, and educate healthcare professionals (both students and faculty) on the advances the field is making. The Psychedelic Science Society looks to fill this role by acting as an ambassador to psychedelic science on campus. Our mission is not only to give current and future practitioners an objective understanding of psychedelic medicine, but also to create a space where current and future research can be analyzed and critiqued. As an emerging field, there are still foundational questions to be answered and important decisions to be made, and these are all subjects our group will follow and discuss. We hope to achieve our goals through a variety of activities including journal clubs, open-ended debates, outdoor experiences, and guest speakers. All current Jefferson students are welcome to become members. By advancing the understanding of psychedelic medicine on campus and beyond, the Psychedelic Science Society hopes to create better-informed clinicians and thus improved patient outcomes.


Organization Email:

Student Organization Advisor: Andrew Newberg, MD Research Director, Marcus Institute of Integrative Health, Marcus Institute of Integrative Health 925 Chestnut Street, Suite 120 Philadelphia, PA 19107 | (215)-503-9070