Jefferson Industry Pharmacists Organization (IPhO)

Membership Eligibility: Jefferson College of Pharmacy Only

Membership Dues or Fees: $10 for local membership; $100 for national membership

The Jefferson Industry Pharmacists Organization (IPhO) is the only organization at Jefferson dedicated to spreading awareness about industry pharmacy, the roles of pharmacists in industry, and how to obtain post-graduate training in the industry. Pharmacists are universally recognized within the pharmaceutical industry as being the most professionally equipped individuals to contribute to the development, promotion, and optimal use of medicines. Typical events will include Fellowship Night collaborative events with SBG and ISPOR, engagement with fellows about their first-hand experiences in many different pharmaceutical industry departments and specialties. Other events include presentations from guest speakers as well as presentations on how to obtain a fellowship in the industry. All full-time Thomas Jefferson University student pharmacists are eligible to become chapter members. Voting rights are lost upon graduation or loss of academic standing in the Jefferson College of Pharmacy. 


Organization Email:

Student Organization Advisor: Roger Armen, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences; 901 Walnut Street, Suite 918, Philadelphia, PA 19107 | 619-876-1135 cell